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Solar Panels

Renogy offers a wide range of solar panels fulfilling all of your requirements of renewable energy, from home installation to on-the-go activities.

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Solar Kits

All Renogy solar kits are premade for different applications. Each kit’s components vary fitting the needs of versatility. The custom kit calculator allows you to determine whether or not a premade kit is right for you.

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All Renogy pure sine wave inverters and inverter chargers deliver superior performance for off grid applications, providing stable power for applications that are sensitive to AC voltage variations. Renogy Inverter charger also automatically charges a battery bank when grid or generator power is available. As a pure sine wave inverter, it can produce cleaner, smoother, quieter, and more reliable electricity to operate tools, fans, lights, and other electronics without any interference than modified sine wave inverters.

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Renogy offers a wide range of DIY components to start a solar system or even add to an existing solar system. Individual items such as panels, charge controllers, wiring, and extra system accessories.

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The Traveler Series

A line of Renogy designed charge controllers offered in PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) options.

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The Element Series

Renogy’s flagship line into the consumer market. A line of solar generators designed and engineered by Renogy from the ground up. The Lycan Powerbox is the first introduced with more to follow.

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Renogy’s line of compact, portable products for the everyday adventurer. Whether your day is spent at school, work, or in the great outdoors, let us help you travel without fear.

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