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Renogy Provides Solar Solutions for Businesses

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Since the beginning, Renogy’s mission has been to normalize the use of solar energy in everyday life. From solar farms to personal use, no project is too big or small for this company. While we’ve always been providing solar panels for business use, there has been a recent resurgence in interest. For years, businesses have been utilizing solar panels to reduce their costs, carbon footprint, and meet their power needs. Whether you’re looking for an on-grid or off-grid solar panel, Renogy has you covered. Below are some innovative ways that you can incorporate solar energy into your business:

(1) Charging Stations

Ten years ago, many people would have questioned the future popularity of electric vehicles. In fact, the popular “Cash for Clunkers” program, officially known as the “Car Allowance Rebate System” helped spike consumer interest in fuel efficient vehicles back in 2009. Electric vehicles are slowly but surely becoming a consumer favorite, particularly in cities and other metro areas where long driving trips are uncommon. While recent surveys indicate that the #1 reason for hesitation in purchasing an electric vehicles is lack of charging stations, that has been slowly changing. In many larger cities, there are charging stations in bog box parking lots and near heavily frequented roadways. Many electric cars now have a driving range of 150 miles or more on a single charge. Attract more customers to your shopping mall or business with a charging station that relies on solar energy. Alternatively, if you have a smaller business, a small cell phone charging station can also benefit from adding solar panels.


(2) Remote Cameras

Keeping your business and home safe is a top priority. There has been a recent surge in interest for home and business security systems, but you may be wondering how to power those remote cameras. That’s where solar panels come in. If your cameras can’t run on battery power, but instead rely on traditional grid power, solar panels are a great way to them charged. With solar panels, there’s no need to constantly recharge batteries, and less risk of the camera dying when you need it most. Solar panels are also a great option for running remote floodlights. Keep your business safer with solar!


(3) Greenhouse Solar

Solar panels and greenhouses just go together. Would you agree? We can’t help but love the idea of growing plants “indoors” with a little extra help from the sun. Use a completely renewable energy source- sunlight, to power the grow lights inside your greenhouse. While it may be impractical to use solar panels for heating needs (you would need many, many panels), it is affordable and easy to use them for lighting and fans.


(4) Business Signage Lighting

If you own highway advertising signs, especially in rural or remote areas, you’d know that it gets particularly dark at night. The exceptional darkness makes it difficult for drivers and passengers to read the roadside advertisements. This predicament could be easily avoided by using solar panels to power the sign lighting. Even better, using solar panels would allow you to avoid using grid power, meaning that there are no monthly power expenses for running the lighting. Undoubtedly, nighttime lighting would be an attractive perk for prospective advertisers. Enhance your signs and help clients get more ad views with solar panels!


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