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Amazon Prime Day Specials: Renogy Rechargeable Camping Lanterns

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If you’ve ever been dry camping and depended on your phone as a flashlight, you’d know it’s usually a bad idea. Cell phones are only so bright while walking down hiking paths or dimly lit streets. Even if the phone is bright enough to light your immediate walkway, using the flashlight setting will quickly deplete your phone’s battery. Since we’re in the dead of summer, right now is a great time to look into new safety light options. Whether you need a dim reading light or an SOS style flare light, Renogy has you covered. The new Renogy Rechargeable Camping Lanterns are stylish, functional, and designed to withstand rugged trails.


                  Above: Renogy 5200mAh LED Rechargeable Camping Lantern

From backyards to campgrounds and everywhere in between, Renogy Rechargeable Camping Lanterns are there to light the night. These portable lanterns come with the following battery storage capacities: 10000mAh, 5200mAh, or 4000mAh. If you know anything about battery life, most cell phones can be charged 2-3 times even with a 4000mAh battery. All of the lanterns weight under 1lb and include an attached hook so they can easily be affixed to a tent or pole. They include five lighting modes, including SOS/emergency. In the event of an emergency or power crunch, the lanterns can double as cell phone chargers! Talk about a two for one deal! Right now, these Rechargeable Camping Lanterns are available on Prime Day at  


4 Uses for Your Portable Solar Panel

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Renogy Product Spotlight: June

Summer is heating up around the country, and right now it is a great time to purchase solar products. This month, Renogy is unveiling a number of new product options, right in time for the warm weather and sun. Unfortunately, summer also happens to be a season of storms and power outages. Renogy solar products are perfect for keeping [...]

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Here's Why You Should Consider Camping Solar Panels

Stay out in the wilderness longer–adventure is calling.When you think of solar panels, you might think of large black glass sheets on the roof of an eco-friendly home or commercial building. But solar power is also useful in areas where electricity is not easily accessible, such as a campsite. That’s where solar panels for camping [...]

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Renogy Recap: Great Projects Over the Years

Unlike many competitors, solar has been our main priority since day one. Over the years, we have redesigned, tested, and researched our products to develop cost effective, highly efficient, and safe products that are suitable for consumer and commercial use. If you’ve followed us long enough, you’d already know that our mission is to change the way the world looks [...]

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CA Will Require that Most New Homes Install Solar

           Summer is heating up in southern California, and apparently, so are the rules and regulations relating to renewable energy. Just recently, the California Energy Commission unanimously declared that starting in 2020, (most) newly constructed homes must contain solar panels. To our knowledge, California is the first and only state to make such a mandate. [...]

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