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Why doesn't the USB port on the WND10 work?
The controller's USB port is also under the control of load mode. In order to make the USB port work, make sure first that load mode is turned on. (Note: when the battery is over-discharged, the controller will also stop the output of the USB port when it cuts off the output of the load port)
Can I discharge the battery to 0% and then recharge it again?
To avoid cycle life shortening, it is recommended not to discharge the battery below 50%. And when not in use, we recommend charging it 100% before storing it and recharging it after three months.
What is the difference between Hybrid and Pure GEL batteries?
The differences between Hybrid and Pure GEL batteries are their electrolyte materials and sealing construction. Renogy Deep Cycle Hybrid GEL Batteries are made of proprietary plate composition, patented gel electrolyte, and improved 6-layer sealing structure to ensure excellent performance.
What size inverter should I buy?
  • 1. Sizing the right power output. The total power of the electrical equipment should not exceed 1000W, otherwise you need a higher power inverter
  • 2. Check your battery voltage. The DC voltage rating on the inverter will tell you what battery bank it is compatible with. For example, a 12V battery bank will require an inverter that is compatible with 12V DC input.
  • 3. Size your installation spaces. What area or space will you set your inverter? Make sure the inverter will fit in the space you have in mind with enough room around it for proper ventilation and no fire hazards.
  • 4. Remote operation is important. Renogy pure sine inverters come with convenient remote control so that you can operate the unit from afar.
Which Renogy PV modules are suitable for the RNG-MTS-ACB mount?
RSP100D-BK, RNG-100D-SS, RNG-30D-SS, RNG-50D-SS, RNG-175D, and RSP-200D.