• When should you use a solar battery maintainer?

    Due to their parasitic drain and self-discharge, batteries consume energy when not in use. Anything connected to a battery will draw a tiny amount of power, and this small power drain will drain the battery over time. In addition, due to the chemical structure of the battery, batteries lose their stored charge over time, even when not in use, which is called “self-discharge.” The self-discharge phenomenon of lead-acid batteries is more evident than lithium batteries. Battery maintainers are designed to solve the problem. Usually, a battery charger maintainer is applied to a vehicle’s starting battery. Most of the time, the car’s starting battery is only charged when the engine is running. Suppose you keep your vehicle for two months or more, such as during the winter. In that case, the car battery maintainer will charge the battery to prevent damage or loss of life. Also, battery chargers maintainers are entirely automatic and can be left connected for a long time.

  • What the difference between a battery charger and maintainer (battery maintainer vs charger)?

    Typically, a battery charger will keep charging the battery unless someone disconnects the power. If not, the battery charger may overcharge the battery and cause damage. On the other hand, a solar battery maintainer can sense how much energy the battery needs, so it can slowly send a trickle charge to the battery. Once the battery is full, it stops charging until the voltage drops again. This way, a battery maintainer charger can connect to the battery unattended for a long time. Proper use of battery chargers & maintainer in different scenarios will keep your battery safe and extend its lifespan.

  • Can a solar battery maintainer overcharge a battery?

    The battery charger maintainer will not charge the battery over its capacity. The battery charger/maintainer maintains the battery charged by supplying a trickle charge. The continuous trickle charge does not overcharge the battery and instead charges it fully until the voltage decreases again. To avoid damage, don’t forget to unplug the maintainer from the car batteries before starting the vehicle.