Lithium Battery

  • Are lithium batteries safe?

    The ionic lithium batteries are the most popular rechargeable battery used today. Lithium batteries with improved functionality over other deep cycle batteries such as AGM, GEL, and flooded, which can be discharged to a higher level safely than their counterparts, providing more actual useable Amps. And the lithium iron phosphate battery has the edge over other types of lithium batteries, both in terms of cycle life and safety.

    The PO bond in the lithium iron phosphate((LiFePO4) crystal is very stable and difficult to decompose. Even at high temperatures or overcharge, it will not cause structural collapse or heat generation or form strong oxidizing substances, ensuring the safety of the battery during usage.

  • What size battery do I need?

    When you choose a battery, first of all, you must get to know the input voltage of your applications. The most common lithium RV battery and lithium marine batteries are 12V, and the lithium golf cart batteries are normally 24V or 48V. The lithium iron phosphate battery provided by Renogy covers the 12v lithium battery, 24v lithium ion battery, and 48v lithium ion battery, which can meet the needs of most solar systems.

    We recommend adding all the device wattages used daily and dividing this number by the battery voltage to get a rough estimate of the amount of amperage needed per day.

  • Why are Lithium Batteries so expensive?

    Lithium batteries are higher in price because of the chemistry of the cells, the battery lithium can be fully utilized to be drained 100%, allowing them to have a longer life than AGM or GEL batteries. The upfront cost of a lithium battery does be higher, but with the greater cycle life, if being used daily, an AGM will need to be replaced approx 6 times before a lithium iron phosphate battery needs replacing. Thus in the long-term, lithium batteries can be more cost-efficient.

  • What is a BMS?

    A battery management system (BMS) is an electronic regulator that monitor, control and protects the charging and discharging of rechargeable batteries, such as ionic lithium batteries.

  • Can I mount my Lithium battery in any position?

    Lithium batteries have the advantage of being lightweight, small volume, and large capacity. The stable performance allows them can safely be mounted in any position.

    For mobile scenarios where space is often limited, lithium batteries can be a great choice, allowing you to use less space to get more power. 12 volt lithium battery is widely used in RV, and marine solar systems, and the lithium golf cart batteries are usually 24v battery or 48v battery.

  • What are Renogy lithium batteries used for?

    Renogy provides lithium batteries for solar systems that can meet various scenarios.

    Renogy lithium solar batteries are the best match for your solar panels to store energy, maximize the solar power storage from each day of sunlight, and can be used as backup power to protect you from traditional power loss or instability.

    Add the stable, long-lasting, and compactable lithium battery to your RV, keep your adventure empowered and stay comfortable and safe on your journey.

    Upgrading your boat to the reliable Renogy lithium boat batteries, enjoy more energy but only at a fraction of the weight of a traditional lead-acid battery. Enjoy more fun of being on the water, no need to worry whether your marine motor starts at the end of a long day.

    Instead of 12V battery, Renogy also provides the 24v battery and 48v lithium ion battery. Use the 48 volt golf cart batteries to increase your cart’s range, top speed, and acceleration, while saving space and weight.