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Busting Myths about Flexible Panels

Simply put...flexible panels have gotten a bad rap over the years. Early models were made with less durable materials and caused many people to shy away from trying them out, even…
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How Do Solar Panels Generate Power?

Every day, more and more homeowners are investing in solar energy and reaping the savings benefits. Whether you’re looking for a solar panel installation for your home or con…
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How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

While homeowners have been installing solar panels on their homes since before the 1980s, they have dramatically increased in popularity over the last several years. For some hom…
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Solar Panels in Extreme Temperatures

As the colder months start to come around, questions regarding maintenance for solar systems in harsher weather conditions often arise in the solar community. Solar panels are typi…
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How Renogy Came to Life

Renogy was built off the belief that all people should have access to a reliable source of energy. The founder of Renogy, Yi Li, is passionate about creating more economically and…
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Solar Batteries 101

Of the many energy sources currently on the market, the popularity of solar batteries has increased substantially compared to standard lithium and alkaline batteries. Solar power…
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Do Solar Panels Increase Home Value?

As a homeowner, maybe you already know some of the benefits of installing a residential solar system: they are more environmentally friendly and cut costs on electricity bills.…
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