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  • What does a solar panel kit include?

    A Renogy solar panel kit includes all the essentials you need to produce solar energy while ensuring everything is compatible. A standard solar panel kit includes one solar panel, a charge controller, mounting hardware, and cables. If you want to store additional energy for later use, you may need to purchase batteries separately from the kit.

  • Are solar panel kits suitable for Going Off-Grid?

    Solar panel kits are excellent for going off-grid because they are very portable and are designed with the elements in mind. Their aluminum frames make them incredibly lightweight, and the kits can come in handy when you aren’t near any other energy supply source. They can help charge and operate all the basics when you’re on the road without compromising efficiency rates.

  • Which solar panel kit is best for my needs?

    Our solar panel kits are created based on lifestyle and energy needs. If you're new to solar or looking to expand your existing system, starter kits are a great option for dipping your toes into a solar pond. Premium kits are ideal for those who prioritize efficiency and reliability. If you live a mobile lifestyle on the open road, we recommend our RV and van solar panel kits. For those living off-grid at home or in a cabin, please check out our cabin kits.