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12V 100Ah Pro Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery w/Bluetooth & Self-heating Function

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12V 100Ah Pro Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery w/Bluetooth & Self-heating Function

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12V  100Ah Pro Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery w/Bluetooth & Self-heating Function
12V 100Ah Pro Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery w/Bluetooth & Self-heating Function
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12V  100Ah Pro Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery w/Bluetooth & Self-heating Function
Start group buy • $168.99 $235.99

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-The 2-in-1 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery with self-heating & Bluetooth.
-Double active protection system for comprehensive safety.
-Flame-retardant casing stops vertical burning from spreading in 10s.
-Secure your batteries with mounting holes & battery fix brackets.
-Waterproof, dust-proof (IP67), and corrosion-resistant (ISO 9227).
Better Safe than Sorry
According to Lithium-ion Battery Incident Reporting from UL Solutions, over 9000 lithium battery-related incidents have been reported around the world. The rapid growth of lithium batteries also comes with an exponential increase in incidents resulting in injuries and fatalities. It's more critical than ever for us to understand where the great risks exist and take active steps to prevent careless abuse.
Primary Safety: 60+ EV-Grade BMS Protection
The automotive-grade battery management system built in the 12V 100Ah Pro battery provides over 60 protection and alerts. This brings greater capability and more precise monitoring in all kinds of environments to identify and reduce electrical & thermal hazards.
Secondary Safety: Active Backup Protection
For the first time, our 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery features active backup protection. It helps to cut off the circuit 40x faster than conventional passive protection when a MOSFET switch fails. So it won't compromise your battery packs.
Double Active Safety System
Designed to safeguard devices, properties, and individuals in an all-around way, the all-new 12V 100Ah Pro Series LiFePO4 Battery combines software and hardware security to avoid incidents actively.
Brave the Cold for Ice Fishing
For enthusiasts of winter outdoor pursuits, such as ice fishing, a self-heated LiFePO4 battery is a must-have. This 12V 100Ah Pro LiFePO4 battery can automatically heat up with a charging current greater than 4A to ensure safe charging in sub-zero temperatures, providing consistent power to prolong the life of fish finders and other essentials.
Robust Power Even in Heatwaves
Living in a warmer climate off the grid is made safer than ever with the all-new Pro series lithium battery thanks to the fire-resistant casing (UL94 V-0). It offers outstanding fire resistance to vertical burning, a crucial safety feature to safeguard your power supply against fire hazards and reduce the risks of fire spreading, especially when living in remote areas where emergency response can be delayed.
What People Are Saying About It
Discover how the 12V 100Ah Pro LiFePO4 Battery outsmarts challenges for your peace of mind.
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Dimensional Reference Guide
Before installing the battery, please note that you need to leave 1.97-3.94 in (5-10 cm) for the top of the battery; the side with busbars needs to be left at least 7.87 in (20 cm).
Dimensional Reference Guide
Before installing the battery, please note that you need to leave 1.97-3.94 in (5-10 cm) for the top of the battery; the side with busbars needs to be left at least 7.87 in (20 cm).
Performance You Can Count on
With advanced safety features, Renogy 12V 100Ah Pro takes performance further than ever while ensuring a longer battery lifespan.
Over-the-Air Update
Simply connect the battery to the DC Home app via Bluetooth, and you can have your battery equipped with upcoming features and improvements to always be at its best.
UL-Listed Cells
With EV-class battery cells and an all-round comprehensive battery management system, the 12V 100Ah Pro battery can discharge up to 245A for 30 seconds to start the air conditioner and other heavy loads.
Certified Safety
Having passed through rigorous tests with comprehensive standards, Renogy 12V 100Ah Pro LiFePO4 Battery gives you the confidence and peace of mind to live safely and freely anytime, anyplace.
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Package Includes

Battery only option
  • Pro - 12V 100Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery w/Bluetooth x 1
  • Terminal Bolts (M8 x 1.25 x 12 mm) x 2
  • Long Terminal Bolts (M8 x 1.25 x 16 mm) x 2
  • User Manual x 1
1.Can this battery be used in series to build a 24-volt system?
No. Renogy 12V Pro Series Batteries can be connected in parallel to expand your off-grid power storage.
2. How many Renogy 12V 100Ah Pro Series Batteries can I connect at most?
You can connect up to 8 batteries in parallel to expand power to 10.24kWh. Batteries of the same model and similar capacity are required.
3. How does the self-heating of the battery work?
Please ensure a stable charge current greater than 4A for each battery in the parallel battery bank. The self-heating function will start operating automatically once the battery and the battery temperature drops below 41°F (5°C) and stop operating automatically once the battery temperature rises above 50°F (10°C).
4. How long will the Renogy Pro Series Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery last?
Renogy 12V 100Ah Pro Series Batteries can deliver 5000 cycles with a recommended 80% depth of discharge (DOD). Meanwhile, these batteries come with a double active safety system, UL94 V-0 fire-retardant casing, IP67 protection, and rugged structure design to produce safe & reliable power for your off-grid living all year round.
5.What does the double active safety system mean?
The double active safety system built in this 12V 100Ah Pro LiFePO4 Battery consists of 60+ Battery Management System (BMS) protection and active backup protection. They combine to prevent hazards incurred by electrical and other types of abuse before inviting great dangers to you and your system's safety.
6.What is the active backup protection?
For the first time, Renogy introduces active backup protection into the safety design of the deep-cycle LiFePO4 battery to act fast in response to potential risks. And the newly integrated self-control fuses contribute to that efficiency. Unlike conventional fuses which take longer time to work, the active backup protection can be provided instantly against overvoltage and overheating even if other key hardware components break.
7.Can I pair a Bluetooth Module for this battery to monitor the battery status on the phone?
No, you don't have to. This battery is already built in with the Bluetooth feature. You can download the DC Home app to pair with your battery for real-time energy monitoring. Alternatively, you can choose to keep track of battery status using a 500A Battery Monitor With Shunt (sold separately).
8.How to recharge my LiFePO4 batteries?
Yes. It is compatible with Renogy ONE M1 & Core.
9. Is it compatible with Renogy ONE?
Whether you prefer charging batteries via solar, a DC-DC battery charger, or an AC-DC charger, we highly recommend a solar charge controller/charger that is compatible with lithium iron phosphate batteries.
More questions about your off-grid power system? Learn more from Renogy Learning Center!
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  • 5
    12V 100 AH Pro Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery w Bluetooth

    Posted by Ken Purvis on Mar 9th 2024

    I am replacing my AGM batteries on my 2015 Winnebago Itasca Solei With Lithium. I first upgraded my Magnum controller with a new one (Simple plug and play) and had a lithium selection automatically. I changed out the batteries after doing the initial charge and equalization routine. The bluetooth information on the Renogy app is amazing. After adding the Renegy One Core I had all of the info in one screen system. I previously used Battle Born but had a Renogy Inverter that worked well on my previous Thor rig. I picked up 4 Batteries on Sale for a little more than half the price of the Battle Born. These should last my lifetime with this rig. I have added the 50 amp dc-dc/solar charger and it is online and working. It seems to intermittently charge the chassis batteries and is maintaining 12.7 volts. The hard part was replacing the house battery to chassis battery relay. Battle Born makes a lithium programmed replacement so the freightliner alternator does not overload. The contacts on the LI-Bim 225 are narrower than the original and I had to remove the whole thing and move the house, chassis and fuse mounts to accommodate the new relay. The only reason to have that with the charger in line would be if I needed to boost the chassis batteries. Given what I am seeing with the Renogy Charger I doubt all that trouble is necessary. I have wired the rig to the roof with solar cables and a junction box and will wait until I can catch the solar panels on sale. Given my use of the rig (I am full time in it) I will likely just use the Magnum inverter-charger for the Lithiums. They have so much more capacity than the AGM's. The magnum charger can deliver 200 amps and quickly charges the Lithiums. If you are on a 15 amp adapter you have to throttle the charger to 30 percent or you will throw a 20 amp breaker quickly. I am pleased with the install. Shipping was quick and easy and online documentation has been more than enough for my install. I will be anxious to see Renogy make a shunt to accurately measure output amps of the batteries for the Renogy One. Battle Born has one already that works great. I will not use more than 600w of solar so the combo charger will be just what I need.

  • 5
    Fantastic batteries at a remarkable price!

    Posted by Eric Teitelman on Feb 26th 2024

    I recently purchased two of these for our RV to upgrade our lead acid batteries. Going into our fourth season, we were on our second set. Two issues: The lead acid batteries never reach a maximum sustained charge after about six cycles. They deplete. Second, they quickly drop below fifty percent capacity, further degrading their maximum charge capacity. I even trickle-charged them over the winter and topped off their fluid. Needless to say, it was getting expensive to replace batteries every two years. I wanted to have LiOP batteries installed by the RV dealer, but most salesmen don't know anything about RV electrical systems and only sell flooded unsealed lead acid batteries. I've been watching prices over the past two years, hoping they would begin to drop with EV sales growth. In some ways, I'm glad I waited. These new batteries from Renogy are not only a remarkably good price in comparison to other brands, and I've looked at all of them, but they offer a waterproof, fire retardant case and automated battery heater. I topped them off, balanced them, and just installed them this weekend in our RV. They are strong batteries. Running them overnight with no shore power, our fridge, lights, and heater on, they only dropped to 99%. By noon the next day, our 200W solar panel topped them off at 100%. They charge extremely fast from our solar system compared to our lead-acid batteries, showing their design efficiency. I am more than impressed. My hats off to Renogy for coming out with this Smart Pro battery at such a great price. I cannot recommend them enough.

  • 4

    Posted by Daniel Brown on Jan 14th 2024

    These lithium batteries are built to last and offer reliable performance. I can trust them to power my devices consistently.

  • 5
    5.0 out of 5 starsWorks great so far

    Posted by Timo on Jan 11th 2024

    Working great so far. We"ll see what happens in a few months. So far it"s great I enjoy the Bluetooth feature

  • 5
    Great quality

    Posted by Jessica Taylor on Jan 9th 2024

    I'm impressed by the excellent battery life of these lithium batteries. They last a long time, providing extended usage.

  • 5
    200ah of power!

    Posted by Andy on Jan 8th 2024

    I recently purchased a trailer and wanted a battery more powerful than the old lead acid batteries that came with it.

  • 5
    Fast Charging

    Posted by Olivia Miller on Jan 6th 2024

    These lithium batteries charge quickly and have a rapid recharge time. I can rely on them for fast power replenishment.

  • 4
    It's a decent battery

    Posted by Spencer on Jan 3rd 2024

    It's a decent battery I've got 6 of them and I'm glad the price dropped on them. They all are still holding charge and working as expected

  • 5

    Posted by Michael Smith on Jan 2nd 2024

    These lithium batteries deliver reliable and efficient power. They consistently perform at a high level.