• What size battery do I need?

    We recommend adding all the device wattages used daily and dividing this number by 12V to get a rough estimate on the amount of amperage needed per day.

  • What is the difference between an AGM battery vs Gel battery?

    The Gel battery and AGM battery have the same properties and working principle, but they also have some differences and characteristic advantages. The major difference between Gel battery vs AGM battery is the way of fixing the electrolyte. The gel cell battery with colloidal electrolytes, will use the gelling agent to the sulfuric acid electrolyte and make it into a colloidal state. And the AGM battery is complete coverage by the glass mat diaphragm and carries the charge in the soaked sponges coating the lead plates. The AGM battery has a lower internal resistance and higher current discharge capability, allowing for more power and faster charging. And the Gel battery has a lower density of electrolytes than that of AGM, which leads to lower sensitivity to water loss and a longer lifespan.

  • Can I wire different battery types and sizes together?

    We recommend wiring batteries that are the same chemistry and amp hour rating. This will limit any efficiency loss due to having different batteries.

  • How do I know if I need to recharge my battery?

    You will be able to know the electricity consumption of your battery by the battery voltage. A depleted 12V Gel car battery (30%-10%) will read 11.8-11.5 volts and a full-charge battery will read 12.8 volts. We recommend not draining the battery past 50% which is 12.1 volts.

  • What are Renogy Gel batteries used for?

    The Renogy Gel battery is built to meet the toughest condition, it is leak-proof and maintenance-free. With outstanding performance and a prolonged lifespan, the Renogy Gel battery can be an excellent choice for car, RV, marine, and home backup, perfectly meet your standby or daily power needs.