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  • What is the purpose of a Starter Kit?

    The purpose of a Starter Kit is to recharge and monitor a 12-volt battery bank.

  • Can I run my DC loads off the solar panel or controller?

    No. All DC loads should be connected directly to the 12-volt battery bank.

  • What is a PWM controller?

    PWM stands for Pulse Width Modulation, which is a method of power regulation that drops the voltage coming from the panel to charge the batteries.

    This drop in voltage equates to a loss in wattage, making PWM charge controllers only 75-80% efficient.

  • What size battery do I need for my Starter Kit?

    For our 100-watt and 200-watt kits, we recommend a minimum 12-volt 100AH battery and a 12-volt 200AH battery for our 300-watt and 400-watt kits.