If you think your panels are having trouble producing optimum power, we have some troubleshooting tips that might help out!

In order to troubleshoot your panels, you will need a multimeter, panel specification sheet, and sunlight of course! All panels that you test will need to be done individually and make sure there is nothing on their surface. The two tests we will discuss today are open circuit voltage testing and short circuit current testing.

For the open circuit voltage test, first turn your multimeter to VOC. Connect the positive multi-lead into the positive lead of the panel through the MC4 connectors, then do the same with the negative leads. The numbers on the multimeter screen should be in the +/- 10% range of the numbers on your spec sheet. If the numbers do not read in this range your panel might need replacing, call Renogy tech support to confirm at 1-800-330-8678!

For the short circuit current test, our panels are rated for 1000 watts per square meters. Any fraction of this will affect the short circuit current. To test, turn the multimeter dial to ISC, once again connect the positive and negative leads of the multimeter to the matching leads on the panel. The number on your multimeter should read 50% of the spec sheet number or greater. If this is not the case, your panel might need replacing.

If you are more of a visual person, check out the video below! Be on the lookout for more videos coming soon from Renogy.