If you’re checked out our PowerDeal Sale, you’ve already taken a sneak peek at the Renogy Rugged Power Pack. Here at Renogy, we’re always working hard to create user friendly, portable, and practical products. Portable power generators in general are not new to the market, but solar powered generators are. Recently, many state and federal parks have begun placing noise restrictions on visitors, limiting or completely eliminating visitors’ ability to use traditional (noisy) gas generators. The noise restrictions typically limit the use of traditional gas generators to daylight hours. That’s not very helpful, especially because campers need to use nearly the same or even more power at night. That is where solar powered generators come in handy.

The Renogy Rugged Power Pack (let’s call it the RPP) is a portable generator. What that means is that it includes a battery pack and inverter, which converts the stored power into the electricity (AC) that is used to power most consumer-friendly electronics. The battery included in this pack is a 400WH Lithium Ion, which is expected to have a lifecycle of around 500 charge cycles, or anywhere from 3-5 years of continuous use. Most users will not need to use the RPP on a daily basis, so the battery life will be significantly longer. While we like to refer to the RPP as a solar powered generator, it can actually be charged in a wall outlet or DC car charger. This feature allows you to conveniently and quickly charge the RPP before you wander off the grid. While off the grid, the RPP can be charged with a 100W Solar Suitcase or Renogy Solar Panels. Since this generator is completely portable and can run off solar, it can be taken and used virtually anywhere there is daylight. Since this is a quiet generator, it may be a superior choice for hunting and nature photography. Its also great to use during nighttime hours, as it will not disrupt sleep or relaxation.

The RPP also includes a number of convenient features. For starters, it includes a carrying handle and weighs 14lbs. While this would be a little heavy for a backpacker, it’s an easy carry on a campground or within short walking distance. The RPP includes four output ports, meaning that multiple electronics can be charged at the same time. Power a light, phone, and tablet without skipping a beat. Another great feature is that the RPP can jump-start a vehicle, making it perfect for roadside emergencies. The RPP comes with a jump starter cable capable of delivering 400A. The exterior features three light up buttons (perfect for working in the dark) as well as a large light up LCD display that shows charge capacity and error status. The built-in Battery Management System (BMS) prevents over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature, giving you and your devices complete protection.

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