If you’ve gone on a cross-country drive, you’ve likely noticed the large white wind turbines among the fields of the Midwest and deserts of the southwest. According to the Wind Energy Foundation, installed wind turbines in the United States represent 5.7% of the country’s total installed electric generating capacity. Iowa and South Dakota seem to be leading the way in wind energy, as each state generated more than 25% of their electricity from wind in 2013! Sure, wind turbines can work for large-scale energy production, but how can they be applied in one’s home to reduce reliance on the local power company?

For one thing, many power companies give their customers the option of purchasing “green power” either from them or from a different provider, without any additional installation on the part of the customer. This way, customers can rest assured that they are positively impacting the environment without having to endure the costs of purchasing a wind or solar system. On the other hand, a customer can also choose to research and purchase a wind system necessary to fulfill some, or all, of their energy needs.

Similar to Renogy Solar products, wind systems can produce electricity independent of the power grid, meaning that a customer living or working in an area without any power can produce their own electricity. Wind systems can be installed as either off-grid or grid-integrated, depending on individual needs. Before installing a wind system, it is important to gauge the amount of wind that naturally occurs in the region where one lives. Unlike solar, wind does not depend on daylight hours, and can potentially run and produce power all day and night. Similar to off-grid solar panel systems, off-grid wind systems also utilize batteries and charge controllers to produce electricity.

Renogy currently sells on-grid and off-grid solar power systems, in sizes ranging from 50 Watts of solar to 3000 Watts of solar. While the company does not yet sell wind power systems, it will in the future. Stay updated with Renogy by signing up to its email list through facebook! Visit facebook.com/renogy today!