RV Battery Size Chart | Renogy Battery Buying Guide

RV Battery Size Chart | Renogy Battery Buying Guide

By Renogy marketing team
Renogy marketing team
renogys blog Jan 16th 2023

If you are still a little confused about how to go about finding the right battery size for your RV, you're in the right place.

Looking at an RV battery sizes chart empowers you with the facts you need to select the correct battery for your RV. RV battery size charts also help narrow your choices and make the selection process easier.

In this article, we will cover the following topics:

Let’s get started.

What are RV Battery Sizes?

RV batteries come in a wide range of sizes and types. Common sizes are 6-volt, 12-volt, and 8D batteries.

1. 6-Volt Batteries: A 6-volt RV battery provides half the 12V voltage used in RVs. Therefore, to be used in RVs, two 6V batteries are wired together in series to produce the required 12V.

2. 12-Volt Batteries: This is the most common type of RV battery and is typically used for everything in an RV, from starting the vehicle to running the RV's appliances.

3. 8D Batteries: These are the largest 12V RV batteries available. They are usually big and boast very large energy storage capacities.

RV battery sizes can also be arranged according to their physical dimensions or size into Group classifications such as Group 24, Group 35, etc. These Group classifications only refer to the physical size and not the energy storage capacity of the battery.

Renogy RV Battery Size Chart

Renogy has a diverse selection of RV batteries that differ in terms of type, size, or energy storage capacity. It’s important to remember that the size and storage capacity of batteries are usually proportional – so the bigger the battery the bigger the capacity.

We mainly sell long-lasting Lithium (LFP), AGM, and Gel RV batteries rated at different capacities. For the best results, we always recommend you, our valued customers, invest in Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries that can last over 10 years if properly used and maintained.

Besides the type (Lithium, AGM, or Gel), Our RV battery sizes vary in terms of the following capacities:





For more in-depth information about our RV battery sizes, you can check out the following RV battery size chart and click each to skip to their product page.

Online RV Battery Size Calculator

If you're still not sure which battery is best suited for your RV, try out Renogy's online Battery Size Calculator, a powerful and convenient tool for anyone looking for an efficient energy storage solution. This online calculator helps you determine the battery bank size that best fits your individual needs.

You just need to input simple information about your off-grid RV setup, like the type of your devices, daily watt-hours used, and your backup power requirements, and the calculator will display your required battery size and capacity.

Renogy’s online battery size calculator will give you a custom recommendation within seconds after submitting your selections. 

The Battery Size Calculator will also give you an estimate of the cost and total kit price of all the components needed to set up your off-grid RV solar installation. This is incredibly useful if you want an accurate budget overview that doesn't overwhelm you with technical calculations.

How Long Do RV Batteries Last?

Different types of RV batteries have different life cycles. In other words, the lifespan of your RV battery depends upon its type and quality.

RV deep cycle batteries are divided into two major categories:

1.Lithium Based Batteries

2.Lead-Acid Based Batteries

These two major categories can be further divided into smaller classifications, for example, Lead- Acid batteries are divided into:

1.Flooded or Wet-Cell Lead-Acid Batteries

2.Absorbent Glass Mat AGM Lead-Acid Batteries

3.Gel Lead-Acid Batteries

On the other hand, Lithium-based batteries, AKA Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries have many different types, including:

1.Lithium Iron Phosphate LFP LiFePO4

2.Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminium Oxide NCA LiNiCoAlO2

3.Lithium Cobalt Oxide LCO LiCoO2

4.Lithium Manganese Oxide LMO LiMn2O4

If you refer to the battery chart below, you will see that at the same size (Ah rating), longer lasting batteries like LiFePO4 are more expensive.

So how long does each type of RV battery last?

Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries are the most affordable batteries. However, they are also the shortest-lived RV batteries you could buy. In addition, Flooded batteries are also the most demanding in terms of maintenance as their electrolyte needs to be regularly topped off.

On average, Flooded or Wet-Cell Lead-Acid batteries can last for around 500 life cycles. Depending on how you use your RV, this translates to approximately 2-4 years of reliable use.

Second on our list are AGM and Gel Lead-Acid batteries. These batteries share many similar characteristics and lifespans. On average, AGM and Gel can support between 600 and 1200 cycles of use, depending on the battery type and quality. This translates to around 3-8 years of use. 

Lastly, we have Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. LiFePO4 batteries typically have a lifespan of over 3000 charge-discharge cycles. Sometimes they even go over 4000 cycles of use. This translates roughly to over 10 years of conscientious use. For more related information, you can read another article: How long do LiFePO4 batteries last?

Best Lithium Battery for RV - Renogy LiFePO4

There are few better choices than Renogy's diverse selection of the best lithium batteries for RVs, campers, and other mobile homes. Our range of 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries is designed and engineered for use in RVs, boats, and other mobile homes.

Renogy Lithium batteries for Rvs offer the best-in-class performance with features such as:

●High Capacity

●Self-heating function

●Durable IP65 Water and Dust Proof Protection

●Smart Battery Management System

●Auto-balancing Function for Battery Banks

●Automatic Energy Saving Mode when not in use

●Remote Monitoring Functionality

●80% Depth of Discharge without Reducing Battery Lifespan

●3-5 Year Product Warranty (REGO)

●And more…

Here are some of our top-selling RV lithium batteries:

12V 100Ah Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

The 12V 100 Ah battery is a great replacement battery for RVs because of its high quality. It can store approximately 1.2 kWh of energy, which is enough for emergent backup power usage. With a compact size of 11.4 inch x 6.8 inch x 7.4 inch, the battery takes up to 15% space less on your RV compared to other types of battery.

12V 200Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery w/ Bluetooth

This battery is a perfect substitute for deep-cycled lead-acid batteries with a standard BCI group size. Designed with built-in automotive-grade battery cells, the lithium battery delivers excellent performance even under the effect of various loads. And if you are looking for monitoring functions on a lithium battery, it is also your ideal option. It offers stable access to Bluetooth connections as its Bluetooth 5.0 technology enables faster and higher-quality data transmission.

12V 100Ah Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery w/ Self-Heating Function

Have you ever run into the trouble of your lithium batteries dying in freezing weather? If you have, you may learn the importance of working temperature and self-heating functions for a lithium-ion battery. Hence, if you live in a cold area, we highly recommend you have a look at this self-heating lithium iron phosphate battery. The heating function of the battery will be activated once the temperature falls below 41 °F and stop working when the internal temperature returns to 50 °F upward.

If what you need is more than a solar battery, please visit Renogy online store for a wider range of selections. Our product lines range from monocrystalline solar panels to wiring accessories. 

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