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Additional Uses for Renogy RV Solar Kits

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Here at Renogy, we love RV trips. We especially love those trips where we can park our RV without relying on power hookups. Much like RVs, boats can take you on great adventures, far from the power grid. This means that while sailing on the high seas (or rivers, or lakes for that matter), you’ll likely need a reliable power source to stay in touch with the mainland. Although your boat relies on several heavy-duty batteries, what do you do when all of the power is used up without another sailor in sight? If you’re cruising on a lake or river, it may not be a problem; however, at sea, your boat relies on its batteries to run navigation systems and radios. For safety and convenience, you’ll need some kind of power back-up system. During the off-season, your batteries will need to trickle charge to prevent them from dying. If batteries are left to die, it can dramatically shorten the lifespan of the batteries.

Although the Renogy Solar RV Kit line implies that it can only be used on an RV, nothing could be further from the truth. An RV Kit can easily be used on a boat, van, or cabin. The only real limitation is that the standard 100W Monocrystalline Solar Panels included in the RV Kit cannot be stepped on or bent, so they should ideally be installed on the top of the vehicle or boat. The Renogy RV Kits range in size from 100W-400W, so a customer can purchase according to their unique needs. An RV Solar Kit could be used on a boat, van, or cabin as a backup power generator or to provide extra power during a heavy use day. During the off-season, the solar panels could trickle charge the battery bank, which is essential for a healthy system.

Each Renogy RV Kit comes with Z Brackets for mounting. The Z Brackets are designed for use with all Renogy 100W Solar Panels, but are only recommended for use on hard, flat, and stable surfaces. In other words, the Z-Brackets should not be used on shingle, composite, or tile rooftops. Therefore, if you plan to use an RV Kit on a cabin or shed, aim for a ground mount or pole setup. On the other hand, if you plan on installing the RV Kit on a van or boat, it can easily be installed on a boat or van rooftop, or even a boat deck with the Z Brackets.

The Renogy Adventurer 30A Charge Controller is also included with each RV Kit. The Adventurer Charge Controller is designed for flush mounting on walls, making it ideal for installation inside a boat cabin, van, or RV. Like all charge controllers, the Adventurer regulates the amount the flow of energy to the battery bank to prevent overcharge or discharge. This charge controller must be mounted in a dry place, as it is not waterproof and cannot withstand the elements.

In sum, a Renogy RV Solar Kit can have many different useful applications. Although the RV Kit was designed for RVs and campers, they can easily be used on boats, cabins, sheds, or vans. For more information, visit

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