Exactly one week ago today, we launched our new Lycan Powerbox campaign on IndieGoGo. Today marks our one week anniversary of revealing this great new product to the world. We still have a ways to go to reach our goal for the campaign, but more importantly, we are not writing this to plug our success and pledges. Instead, we are writing about a more serious matter, one that Renogy feels strongly about.

In the wake of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Guayaquil, Ecuador on April 16th, 2016 and the twin earthquakes that hit the Kyushu region of Japan just days apart, the Renogy Solar family is more determined than ever to develop and distribute state-of-the-art technology that promotes safety and protection, both in everyday life and potential emergency situations.

Ecuador’s central coast quake is being called the deadliest since 1987, with an estimated 2,500 injuries and all six coastal provinces in a state of emergency. In Japan, aftershocks continue to challenge rescue workers and endanger citizens, causing the evacuation of nearly 100,000 residents. As security forces and emergency workers unite to find victims, staff evacuation centers, and pool resources to attend to the earthquake survivors, collective minds brainstorm on ways to minimize the damage and improve the survival rate in disaster scenarios.

Though Japan and Ecuador are nearly 10,000 miles apart, geologists speculate that the two may be connected, and there’s no road map to indicate when the next deadly earthquake may occur. No one expects a natural disaster to happen, but when something as devastating as a high-magnitude earthquake hits, it’s crucial to evaluate opportunities for preparedness in order to minimize the impact of the next big hit.

One cutting-edge product we’ve been working on that may be useful in environmental scenarios such as these is The Lycan Powerbox, a solar powered generator set to launch later this year. The Lycan Powerbox is a portable generator that charges its internal battery using an AC or solar power source. One feature that makes the Lycan Powerbox unique is its interchangeable battery compartment. This compartment allows the user the ability to keep power flowing for days on end. Once we get this first-of-its-kind generator into production, the Lycan can serve as a practical and potentially lifesaving tool to provide independent power in the event of an unexpected power loss.

Our hearts go out to the Japan and Ecuador earthquake victims, the injured survivors, and their family members during this difficult time. As we work to improve and enhance technologies that promote efficiency, sustainability, and safeguard against disaster, we will continue our commitment to ensuring that the public is fully educated about what they can do to keep their family safe.

Please join us in our efforts to help both Japan and Ecuador by going to our IndieGoGo page and making a donation. Renogy will donate 20% of total contributions from our Special Earthquake Relief Perk, located on our IndieGoGo page, to AAR Japan and UNICEF Ecuador.

Think of the thousands of people in urgent need of assistance. This can happen to anyone, even you and me. Let’s start helping one another today while prepare ourselves and our loved ones for tomorrow.


Thank you for your time and continued support,

The Renogy Team