We’ve all been trapped at a public event or even an airport where it is impossible to find an electrical outlet. If you are the outdoors-y type, you’ve likely found yourself in the middle of a hike while your phone or radio battery is going dead. While traveling abroad, particularly to developing nations, you may not find an electrical outlet for hundreds of miles. So what is one to do when their most important electronics are almost out of battery power?

Renogy carries a number of products that are designed to help you avoid a dead battery. Take for example, the Renogy Drifter 10000mAH Portable Battery Charger. It can hold 3-5 full cell phone charges, which means that you’ll never be stranded without power, whether day or night. Renogy also carries the 14W EFlex, an extremely small, lightweight solar panel that can be folded and carried wherever you go. Since this product is a solar panel, you don’t have to recharge it, meaning that that can use it anytime, anywhere there is sunlight. These products can also be used in conjunction with one another to provide completely off-grid charging capability. Place the EFlex in the sunlight, and allow it to charge the Drifter. You’ll never need a power outlet.

If you’re looking to charge larger appliances, a Renogy Solar Suitcase or Firefly is a more appropriate choice. Both are designed to charge items such as small TVs, laptops, cameras, or even small space heaters or fans. The Solar Suitcases come in 60W or 100W and feature monocrystalline solar panels. The Firefly is a portable solar generator- a solar panel, battery, inverter, and charge controller, all in one small package. Each Suitcase and Firefly is easy to carry, and relatively lightweight. These products can also be used to charge cell phones or rechargeable flashlights and lanterns in the event of an emergency,

Regardless of your needs, the Renogy Drifter, EFlex, Solar Suitcase and Firefly ensure that you won’t be stranded without a power source. For more information regarding these products, visit www.renogy-store.com.