If you’ve recently visited any of the Renogy websites, you’d know about an exciting new product that is set to launch later this year: the Lycan Powerbox. The Lycan is a solar powered generator with an interchangeable battery. Unlike some of the other solar generators on the market, the Lycan is the first of its kind because of it includes a specially engineered lithium-iron-phosphate battery. Unlike regular deep cycle batteries, the lithium-iron-phosphate battery has a 20,000 + cycle lifespan that can keep the Lycan charged for longer periods of time. The Lycan’s battery can easily be swapped out at any time, so you can keep an inventory of pre-charged batteries, if needed. The Lycan also weighs in at 60lbs, which is roughly 40lbs lighter than similar competitor’s products. For added convenience, the Lycan can be charged with AC power or solar panels. Nearly anyone can find a use for the Lycan, as it can provide power anytime, anywhere.

As previously stated, the Lycan is the first of its kind, developed exclusively by Renogy. That is why we are asking that you visit our IndieGoGo campaign page to view all of the benefits that the Lycan has to offer. If you like what you see and would like to contribute to the development and marketing of this product, you may choose to make a monetary contribution. IndiGoGo is a crowd-funding tool in which contributors receive a gift rather than a stake in the company that they are contributing to. IndiGoGo has been a great fundraising tool for Renogy, as it not only helps solicit contributions, but also educates the public about this new and unique product. Please support us by visiting the Renogy IndiGoGo campaign at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-lycan-powerbox-ready-when-you-aren-t#/