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12V 20A/40A DC to DC Battery Charger

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12V 20A/40A DC to DC Battery Charger

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12V 20A/40A DC to DC Battery Charger
12V 20A/40A DC to DC Battery Charger
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-Alternator running detection safeguards the starter battery.
-Simple and compact layout for easy installation.
-BT-2 Bluetooth enables remote monitoring, records 365-day data.
-Advanced protections ensure efficient & safe charging.
-Li Battery Activation On/Off offers customizable performance.

Introducing Renogy 12V 40A DC to DC Battery Charger, the second generation of the DCC series. This innovation offers the ultimate driving charging experience with smart control. Compatible with smart and traditional generators, this 12V onboard battery charger ensures efficient energy utilization while safeguarding vehicle batteries. With multiple electronic protections, the product offers a reliable driving charging experience, achieving up to 94% charging efficiency. Integrated with intelligent charging logic, it seamlessly optimizes charging processes. Furthermore, with the remote monitoring feature via the app, you can easily keep track of the generator system's status. Elevate your driving charging experience with Renogy, whether you're exploring the great outdoors or living the van life, it is your dependable companion.


Renogy 12V 40A DC to DC Battery Charger
Elevate your driving charging experience with smart control.
Advanced High-Temperature Performance
The second-gen DCC charger intelligently adjusts output power In high-temp environments to ensure efficient and safe charging.
Optimize Battery Health
Enable or disable lithium battery activation based on battery status via the DC Home app, extending battery lifespan.
Smart Control for Simplicity and Efficiency
Effortless remote monitoring and control of charging parameters.
Comprehensive Accessories for Easy Installation
The included battery temperature sensor provides real-time data to the charger, allowing them to adjust charging parameters accordingly for optimal performance.
Quieter Cooling Solution
Experience enhanced performance with natural heat dissipation and reduced 30dB noise levels
Corrosion-Proof for Long-Term Use
This compact and corrosion-proof charger is the ideal option for installation in small boat cabins and humid marine environments.
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1. When installing the DC-DC battery charger, are there any precautions I need to be aware of?
First, installing the charger horizontal will improve venting and heat dissipation of the charger. Additionally, positioning the DC-DC charger nearer the service battery is advised.
2. What types of batteries can the charger be used for?
"Our charger is compatible with the following 12V battery types by default: AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) FLD (Flooded Lead-acid) GEL (Gelled Electrolyte) SLD (Sealed Lead-acid) In addition, our charger also features a custom mode, which can be adjusted according to the specific needs of different batteries to ensure optimal charging performance."
3. How does the charger have communication functionality?
To enable communication, purchase the RENOGY BT-2 Bluetooth module and connect it to the charger's communication port. This will establish communication with mobile terminals like DC Home and Core, granting access to crucial data.
4. What stages of charging logic do smart chargers typically include?
Smart chargers typically feature a four-stage charging logic design, encompassing the bulk charge stage, constant voltage stage, float charge stage, and equalization stage. These stages ensure that batteries can be charged safely and efficiently.
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12V 20/40A DC to DC Battery Charger w/o Solar Input Maunal