Renogy Cabin Kits

are specifically designed for autonomous use away from the grid. These off-grid kits come with everything to power up your cabin and are great additions to sheds, tiny homes, or any other type of large scale remote system.


  • What does a Cabin Kit include?

    Our Cabin Kits include all the necessary components to connect the panels to the controller and the controller to the battery bank, including combiner boxes and circuit breakers.

  • Can I run my AC appliances with my Cabin Kit?

    No. You will still need a battery bank and an inverter to run AC appliances.

  • What panels come in my kit?

    Renogy Cabin Kits include either our 270W Polycrystalline or 300W Monocrystalline panels.

  • Can I power my house with a Cabin Kit?

    Yes, with the right amount of panels and batteries, you can power your home off the grid.

Comparison Chart

Kit Type Off-Grid On-Grid
Where are they used? Away from a power provider, completely independent and off the power grid. Integrated with electricity provder of the power grid and usually much bigger than off-grid due to larger demands.
What do they need? Solar Panels, Charge Controller, Battery Inverter, and wiring. Solar Panels, Wiring, Combiner Boxes, Micro-inveters, Certified Railing Systems.
Typical Applications Cabins, RV's, Boats, Tiny Homes, Off-grid living, Lights,Cameras, Isolated Areas. Homes, Businesses, Schools, Gated Communities, Manufactured Homes, Farms.
How does it work? Solar panels generate energy from the sun, the charge controller regulates that energy and send it down to the battery where the energy is stored. The Inverter is used to convert battery energy into powering electrical AC devices. Solar panels generate the energy, the micro-inverters will convert that energy into usable utility/house energy. Once the energy is generated, the electricity provider will keep track of how much is generated and used, then your electrical provider will be your backup source if more energy is used.
Result Autonomous Power. Power investment to save money on electricity bill.