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Product Spotlight: Renogy 30W Mono Solar Panel

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Winter weather can really put a damper on your outdoor adventures, unless of course, you are lucky enough to live in a warm weather region. While all of us can’t live in those warm regions, the cold weather is no reason to stay locked up inside all day. A winter hike in a state park or even just a walk around the neighborhood can help you relieve winter boredom, while still helping you maintain an active lifestyle. For the bravest of souls, cold weather camping may also be an option (let me repeat: bravest souls). Whether you’re going on a hike or actually camping in the cold, it is essential to stay warm and keep your electronics charged. It is also important to keep in mind that popular summer hiking trails and campgrounds are often deserted in the winter. A Renogy Solar Panel is the perfect solution to ensure that all of your electronics remained charged, keeping you connected to the outside world while you are camping or hiking.

The Renogy 30W Monocrystalline Solar Panel is a great lightweight panel that works well under low light winter conditions. The panel is also sturdy enough to withstand snowfall and freezing temperatures, another symptom of winter weather in the northern US. Winter camping with a solar panel can provide peace of mind and may also be lifesaving in the event that you become lost or confused in an unfamiliar area. The solar panel can be used to charge a laptop, tablet, radio, cell phone, GPS device, or digital camera.

So next time you leave your home to go camping in cold temperatures, remember your cold weather gear, safety equipment, shelter, a small food supply, a Renogy 30W Solar Panel, and battery. To learn more about this great panel, visit:

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