Renogy’s Multi-Purpose Toolbox is perfect for assisting you in the installation and maintenance of your panels. Read more about the included products below!

Crimper and Wire Stripper

  • The crimper and wire stripper are essential tools when repairing your MC4 connectors or creating new MC4 wires. These tools can be used to strip the wire and then crimp the MC4 head to the top.

Digital Multimeter

  • Multimeters are a great tool when trying to test your panel or trouble shoot. You use it for several different tests, including the open circuit voltage test and the short circuit current test. Information on how to test both of these is included on a previous blog post linked below!

MC4 Connecters

  • Extra MC4 connectors are included in our toolbox in case your attached connectors are ever damaged. These are also great for those tricky wiring situations when you may need to create your own!

MC4 Tool

  • Our Renogy MC4 tool is helpful when trying to disconnect your MC4 heads. Since our MC4 connectors are made to last, this tool will help you disconnect those airtight seals.

Also included in our toolbox are Flat Head and Philips screw drivers to help you with any other mounting and installation needs. Renogy wants your installation to be a smooth and easy as possible, call one of our tech representatives today at 1-800-330-8678 if you need more information!