It is no secret that many homeowners and businesses in the sunbelt are taking advantage of solar installation to lower their monthly costs. Where sunlight is abundant, solar panels collect more light throughout the day, which in turn allows them to charge their batteries for a longer time. Solar panels are a great investment where sunlight is abundant, but what about those regions that receive more rain or have shorter daylight hours? Would solar panels be as useful in those places?

In the middle of Alaska, you wouldn’t expect to see many solar panels. However, solar panels can actually be quite useful, especially in remote, off-grid homes. While it is true that there are many overcast days, snow, and dark days, Alaska is also known as the “land of the midnight sun.” Even in Anchorage, a southern Alaska city, during the month of June the sun rises between 4 and 5am, and sets between 11pm and 2am. During the summer, Alaska sees more daylight hours then the rest of the United States. Though the initial investment to purchase and install the panels may seem daunting, they will pay themselves off over time. The average residence in the United States pays 12.35 cents per kWh for electricity, while those in Alaska pay 19.64 cents per kWh. With energy prices expected to rise over the next decade, it is a great time to invest in solar.

Renogy believes that even in regions with less sunlight, solar panels are still useful. After the initial investment, they are expected to last up to 40 years with little maintenance. While the batteries they charge may need to be replaced more frequently, the batteries aren’t as costly. Renogy has several great solar panel options for residential structures. The 250W Monocrystalline Solar Panel is a favorite for dark rooftops and sheds and comes with a 25-year declining warranty. Renogy Polycrystalline Solar panels are frequently preferred for commercial projects, as they are sold at a slightly lower cost due to slightly reduced output. The Polycrystalline Solar Panels also come with a 25-year declining warranty. Both panels can also handle snow loads up to 5400Pa.

Don’t be discouraged from installing solar due to low lighting conditions. Renogy tech support representatives are standing by to design a custom system for your needs. Visit for prices, location, and hours.

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