Solar panels weren’t nearly as popular 20 years ago as they are today, and maybe that is why most of us do not remember learning about them in school. Science classes seemed to focus more on traditional biology, chemistry and physics, but the textbook companies did not equate these fields with the science of solar energy. Sure, every once and a while we would read some tech article about a new high efficiency cell or far-flung solar field, but that didn’t teach us much about solar. Neither did those fun “educational videos” or even the presentations on career day. Solar was, until relatively recently, an expensive and out of reach luxury. We have come a long way in the past 20 years.

These days, many colleges and universities across the US have classes devoted to teaching about solar installation, renewable energy, and/or how renewable energy impacts the environment. This revolution is not only great for solar companies, but also all of the consumers who are looking to become educated on the benefits of solar. Many consumers are also looking for a certified installation expert to properly mount their new system. Many career oriented, trade style schools have programs completely dedicated to solar installation and certification. While traditional 4-year schools do not typically have a certification program, many still have at least one course dedicated to solar energy. One thing is certain: the future of solar in higher education is bright.