While it doesn’t get too cold here in Chino California, the same can hardly be said for the rest of the United States. With record snowfall, below average temperatures, and days with little sunlight, the rest of the United States is just coming out of winter hibernation. As the cold winter days give way to warmer spring months, it’s a great time of the year to plan that hiking trip you’ve been itching to go on since… last summer… or maybe your entire life?

Unlike taking a vacation to a tropical paradise, a foreign country, or even a new city, hiking and camping are relatively inexpensive excursions. The former often requires a pricey hotel room, a plane ticket, rental car, and tour guide, but the latter requires a vehicle (preferably one that you own) a tent, and some survival gear (think warm clothing, sleeping bags, fire starters, and food). My childhood summers were often littered with camping trips, but all too often the parents of today forget about the fond memories that camping can bring. These memories cannot be bought, but come from the days of exploring the woods and the nights talking around a warm campfire.

Understandably and perhaps inevitably, the youth (and adults) of modern times are attached to their electronic devices, whether it be a phone, laptop, media player, or even a speaker. I think its safe to say that we all have at least some level of dependency on our phones, if not for our livelihood, our safety. If you’re deep in the woods or mountains on a camping or hiking trip, the phone might be carried with you for safety purposes (whether it has service is another story). Equally important is the fact that the phone has enough battery power to work in the event that you do need it.

Renogy has several solar and battery products that are sure to keep your favorite electronics charged while hiking or camping. The E-Flex Solar Panel Charger is perfect for charging all varieties of cell phones with USB charging capability, is foldable, and comes with a convenient carrying pouch. The E-GO 10000mAH Battery Charger is also suitable for charging a cell phone (it typically holds 3 full charges). Unlike a solar panel charger, the E-GO Portable Battery Charger doesn’t need sunlight can charge an electronic device even in the middle of the night. The E-GOs 2800mAH Battery Charger also has a solar component and can be used with or without sunlight. If you are especially adventurous, you can charge the E-GO Batteries with a Renogy 14W Solar Panel Charger.

If your camping trip is for an extended period or you need to charge a laptop, flood light, radios, or any type of larger electronic equipment, a Renogy Emergency Solar Panel Kit may be appropriate. Emergency Solar Kits are supplied with Inverters and your choice of a 30W, 60W, or 100W Monocrystalline Solar Panel. While they do depend on sunlight for charging, there should be plenty of it during the summer months. Nonetheless, a solar kit for emergency purposes carries with it an invaluable feature: peace of mind.

So next time you plan that camping or hiking trip, remember to invite Renogy Solar!