Off-grid power systems are becoming a very popular alternative to traditional gas generators. While consumers are growing increasingly interested in renewable energy options, many are also turning to solar as a quieter and more reliable power source than a traditional generator. Off-grid power systems are relatively lightweight, easily transportable, and do not rely on a fuel source. All of these factors make solar appealing to consumers living in areas frequented by power outages, as well as travelers and marine enthusiasts. Renogy has several off-grid kits to choose from, depending on your needs and purpose. Kits range in size from 50W-800W and include, at a minimum, panels, a charge controller, mounting equipment, and basic cabling.

Off-grid power systems can easily be installed on boats and RVs with mounting Z Brackets. The Z Brackets are specifically designed for use with 50W and 100W Renogy Solar Panels. Each bracket is composed of lightweight aluminum and has pre-drilled holes for convenience and safety. Customers often install these systems on boat and RV rooftops. If instead you intend to use the off-grid kit on a small cabin, Renogy carries roof-mounting supplies, also known as railing systems. The type of railing you need depends on whether your cabin or other structure has composition or Spanish tiling. If instead you’d like to do a ground mount system, Renogy also carries pole and title mounts. These special mounts are prefect for ground mounts and semi permanent installations.

Adding to the versatility of the systems is the new Voyager Waterproof PWM Charge Controller. The Voyager is a 20A PWM Charge Controller that can withstand splashing and features a light up LED bar for easy system monitoring. The new Voyager is compatible with 7 types of battery banks and utilizes a 5-stage battery charging algorithm.

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