Trade in Your Daypack for This Solar Backpack

In the outdoor industry we obsess over gear. We care about multifunctionality, durability, and aesthetic. When those three things combine into one item, it’s the jackpot, and our hours of pouring over the REI gear pages are through.

At Renogy we strive to create gear that serves multiple purposes in the most sustainable way we know how–primarily through renewable energy. And what better way to harness the power of the sun than on a hike?

Our new solar backpack serves two purposes: it provides enough interior pockets for smaller items like notebooks and granola bars, to larger items like laptops and cameras, and can charge any device with a USB cable.

With the solar panel flipped outward on the pack, hikers and city-dwellers can go about their day knowing they won’t run out of juice on their phone or GoPro. On particularly sunny days, a brief pit stop at a brewery or coffee shop patio could take you from dead to revived within the hour.

When the solar panel is in use, it can be zippered to the pack, or unzipped and placed in an optimal position for the most rays. When not in use, simply zip the panel face-in to protect the crystals from outer damage.

If you forget to turn the panel inward, don’t worry. Our solar backpack is both waterproof and scratch resistant so it can withstand rugged urban and wooded adventures.

How It Works

In direct sunlight, the 5.6 watt solar panel gathers energy from the sun, and moves that energy through the 5V USB charge port.

Since the pack doesn’t include a power bank, the panel must be in direct sunlight for a device to charge. An additional power bank can be purchased, in which case the panel would direct energy to be stored in the power bank for later use.

What People Are Saying

“I use it for all my media projects as it carries all my cameras, cables, and tripods plus in compartments so they aren't knocking into each other and the weight stays distributed evenly.” -Daniel B.

“Initially, I was concerned about the water repellency of the fabric and zippers…but after being caught in several West Virginia downpours, both performed admirably.” -Dave V.

“My overall impressions of this backpack is it is awesome and it will turn into my car camping and computer/electronics backpack for everyday use. The straps are super comfortable, it has tons of pockets to store and organize your electronics stuff and the main pocket is huge to safely accommodate a laptop as well as lots of other stuff.” -Jenny R.

“Thanks to a plethora of inside and outside pockets, we carried water bottles, battery banks, two phones, a tablet, headphones, snacks, a sweatshirt, and a jacket all at the same time with ease and comfort. A smaller laptop would also fit nicely inside the main compartment.” -Kari T.

“I was able to charge my phone to 100% in an hour and a half of being plugged in, and also it kept my husband’s laptop charged while he was doing some programming at our campground. As a charger, it totally met my needs and exceeded my expectations.” -Chanel C.