The Holiday Guide 2017: E.SERIES

Let’s face it: the day after Thanksgiving we haul out the Christmas decorations and start listening to holiday tunes. If you’re anything like us, you started listening to the holiday music last week (we can’t get enough). Predictably, we start shopping for all of our loved ones, usually procrastinating until the last minute, unless of course, you snagged a great deal a few months ago. Although holiday cheer may be abundant, it’s a real drag when you find yourself stumped on what to buy for that special someone in your life. After all, socks and slippers can only make someone so happy (insert eye roll). Here at Renogy, we have gifts that virtually anyone can use (besides small children). This isn’t an overstatement: our stocking stuffers are extremely useful for the pressures of everyday life.

E.FLEX5 or E.FLEX10:

These days, everyone is busy. Kids, school, sports, work, you name it, there are only so many hours each day to get everything accomplished. Sometimes you just happen to forget to charge your phone. Of course, there are wall outlets, car chargers, and even those handy little portable batteries. But what if you’re walking through a big city, or enjoying a date at a park? E.FLEX Portable Solar Panels are just what your phone needs to stay awake. These lightweight little panels unfold (10W) and can attach to a purse, backpack, or even the outside of a tent. There’s no need to carry an extra charged battery; however, to make your experience truly “off-grid” you may use the E.FLEX to recharge a portable battery. Since these are small, they are only truly useful to charge smaller electronics, such as cell phones, small battery devices, and smaller tablets (though tablets will take considerably longer to charge). Since both products come in at under $60.00 USD, they won’t break the bank.


E.LUMEN Multi Functional Flashlight:

Winters can be incredibly dreary. When the sun starts setting before 5pm and the winter storms start to knock the power out, its time to purchase a dependable flashlight. Not only is the E.LUMEN dependable, it’s also incredibly handy in emergency situations. This little flashlight emits a bright beam of light that reaches up to 200 Meters and can be recharged over and over again with its own built-in solar panel. It includes a seatbelt cutter (really, useful to cut several fabrics) as well as a mini hammer that can shatter window glass. Another real kicker: this flashlight can actually recharge a cellular device via USB port thanks to its built in solar panel! Easy to use and perhaps even better to look at, this sleek little flashlight is a great gift for anyone who rides around in the car or experiences the occasional power outage. Retailing at $24.99, you can buy one for your friends and family members. Gift giving is easy!


E.TUNES Portable Speaker

Music can really put you in an upbeat mood. Many of us enjoy listening to music while washing out cars or doing work around the house. A Bluetooth speaker that can recharge itself and hang on a backpack, tent, or fence can make a listening experience that much better. The Renogy E.TUNES has all of the prior mentioned features and then some! The Renogy E.TUNES speaker has a built in solar panel, meaning that you’ll never have to take it to a wall or car outlet for charging. Just hang it out in the sun and it will take care of itself! Incredibly compact and less than 2lbs, this little speaker won’t break your back or wallet this holiday season. Listen to vibrant, quality sound for up to 10 full hours. Did you forget to charge your cell phone? This speaker doubles as a 5000mAH portable battery charger. Will you be washing your car while using it? Don’t worry, it’s splash proof. Snag one today for $134.99 and give someone the gift of high-quality, beautiful sound!