Let’s face it: we’ve all been through a power outage. Regardless of where you live in America, at least a few times a year, you will lose power. Severe weather, utility updates and improvements, and construction can all lead to temporary power loss. If you live near the gulf coast, you likely dread hurricane season, because the power may be out for weeks at a time. While you may need a gas generator for hurricane season, a short power outage can be solved with a much less expensive, quieter, and cleaner solution. That’s where solar generators come in. Solar powered generators are still relatively few and far between in the retail world, partly because there are only a handful of “big name” solar manufacturers. Renogy launched the Phoenix 20W All-in-One Generator late last year, and its popularity is gaining traction. Below we will discuss why.

The Phoenix is an all in one generator system, meaning its ready to go without additional installation or parts. Its especially handy during power outages for this reason- you won’t be left scrambling for pieces and hardware in the dark. The Phoenix comes with two built-in 10W solar panels; however, you can expand this system to up to 120W by connecting an additional 100W solar panel or a few smaller panels (sold separately). If you only intend on using the Phoenix during short power outages, the extra panel probably isn’t necessary. If instead you intend to take the Phoenix on a camping trip, the extra panel could really help charge additional electronics such as laptops or navigational equipment. Another great advantage of the Phoenix is that it doesn’t need to be charged with solar panels at all. It can be charged via wall outlet or car adapter and stored for later use (again, great for emergencies). The 16Ah Li-ion (NMC) battery included in the Phoenix is a safe, long lasting battery that can power through thousands of cycles, more than many of the competitor’s products. The included battery is also interchangeable, meaning that you can stockpile pre-charged batteries or only take one at a time.

The Phoenix is also a highly efficient device, even if it is left to charge with its two built in 10W panels. The two built in solar panels can recharge the battery in about 6 hours. If you were to add a 100W solar panel, the charging time reduces to about 2.5 hours. Weighing in at only 12.8lbs, the Phoenix is considerably lighter than similar products and folds neatly into a briefcase. This makes the system easy to store, carry, or travel with. The included MPPT charge controller prevents the battery from becoming overcharged or discharged, extending the life of the battery. To give you an idea of just how efficient the Phoenix really is, it can hold about 5 full laptop charges32 iPhone 6S charges, and 22 Galaxy S6 charges. In the event of a power outage, whether for only a few hours or a few days, the Phoenix can help keep you and your family connected to the outside world.