What would the soundtrack of your everyday life be? Most of us are constantly on the go. Between juggling work, school, and kids, it’s hard for most of us to remember to carry our phones, let alone a Bluetooth speaker. But what happens when you actually remember the speaker, but forget to charge it? Or even worse, what if you’re out and about and your cell phone battery is about to call it quits? With a normal Bluetooth speaker, you might just be out of luck. That’s why Renogy designed the E.TUNES Solar Bluetooth Speaker, the perfect accessory to fit into your busy life.

The E.TUNES Solar Bluetooth Speaker is the most recent newcomer to Renogy’s award winning E.SERIES product line. The E.SERIES product line is filled with products that incorporate solar power into every day products. Take for example, the E.LUMEN, a solar powered flashlight that can be used to charge a cell phone, shatter glass, or cut through tough material such as a seatbelt. Or there’s also the E.FLEX5 and E.FLEX10, two “featherweight” solar panels that can fold and stow until you need to charge a cell phone or other small electronic device. The E.TUNES is a small and sleek speaker that can double as a 5000mAH Li-ion battery bank that can store power for later use (think after sunset cell phone charging).

Weighing in at under 2lbs and measuring at about 6x6’’, the E.TUNES can easily be carried in a purse or attached to a backpack. The included carrying strap makes carry-along easy, secure and safe. Fully charged, the E.TUNES allows for 10 hours of playing time and the battery can last to 500 cycles. With a 33ft Bluetooth range, your phone doesn’t have to be nearby. In fact, if you forget it in the other room or in the car, you’ll be just fine. As mentioned above, there is a 2.5W solar panel included on the front exterior of the E.TUNES, which can recharge the device and store a charge for later use. Never be without your favorite tune! The E.TUNES is available for purchase at https://www.renogy.com/renogy-e-tunes-solar-bluetooth-speaker/#tab_prd-desc