Take a deep breath of fresh, crisp outdoor air. Close your eyes and let the sun gently warm your face while a cool breeze blows across your back. Some of the best moments in life are experienced in the great outdoors. If you’re traveling deep into a national park or anywhere else far away from the grid, chances are that you’ll rely on at least one electronic device for safety reasons. If you’ve been keeping up with Renogy, you’d know that we carry a number of great solar and battery powered devices to ensure that your batteries never drain too low.

Since Renogy has been deeply involved in moving into the business sphere of outdoor retail, it will be attending the Outdoor Retailer Show from August 3rd-6th in Salt Lake City, Utah. Salt Lake City is the most populous city in Utah and is within close proximity to the Great Salt Lake. Historically known as a mining area and railroad crossroads, Salt Lake City is a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts and athletes alike (remember the 2002 winter Olympics?). The city has a great variety of art and music, so if you are another vendor planning to attend the Retailer Show, be sure to check out vitissaltlake.com for additional information about local events. With all of the great history and culture Salt Lake City has to offer, perhaps it is no wonder why the Outdoor Retailer Show has chosen it as its venue.

The Outdoor Retailer Show is only open to approved retailers, vendors, and other members of the outdoor retail trade. The Show is meant to help buyers, retailers, vendors, and other members of the outdoor trade to showcase and view all of the best new products the industry has to offer. Other retailers and manufacturers attending the show include Addidas Outdoor, Birkenstock USA, Body Glove, Cole Haan, DaKine, EMU Australia, Garmin USA, GoPro, Panasonic Energy Corp of America, and many more. By attending the Show, Renogy hopes to meet with and find business partnerships with other outdoor retailers and manufacturers. For more information about the Outdoor Retail Show, visit: http://www.outdoorretailer.com/summer-market/index.shtml