Imagine you’ve found the perfect camping spot: isolated, surrounded in greenery, and plenty of sunshine. You spend all day exploring and finally taking that vacation you deserve. You reach for your camera to document this incredible day and realize the battery is dead. You reach for your phone and the battery is also drained. This kind of situation is all too familiar and would be the perfect opportunity to put the Renogy Phoenix Generator to use!

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The Phoenix is an all-in-one portable solar system. Your panels, inverter, and battery are all encased into one sleek carrying case for easy travel and access. Perfect for charging on-the-go appliances and electronics, this unit is built with two 10 watt Monocrystalline solar panels and one 150-watt inverter. Think you’ll need more power? Not to worry. You can expand this system up to 120 watts.

You shouldn’t have to choose between having access to your favorite appliances and spending time outdoors. The Phoenix Generator is perfect for that weekend trip you’ve been looking forward to, or to just keep handy for emergency situations. Either way, your power will be limitless! To learn more about the newest addition to Renogy’s Element Series and to place a pre-order today, check out