Limited Time Offer: Save 15% On PowerDeal Products

Solar and power products can be expensive. After all, they are generally considered to be long-term investments that are designed to lower power costs or endure several years of travel and wear. At the same time, many of us are budget conscious shoppers, carefully researching all of the similar products on the market and making an educated purchase after comparing product vs. price. Here at Renogy, one of our goals is to make solar more affordable, creating greater access to clean energy products. We work hard to keep our prices low while maintaining superior quality. From January 16th through the 21st we are offering a special PowerDeal program.

The PowerDeal program involves visiting our Amazon store and making a purchase. After you purchase the product, leave a review (good or bad, your honest opinion) and let us know by filling out a form at After you’ve filled out and submitted the form, we will send you an Amazon gift card in the amount of the difference between the price on Amazon and the price of the same product at The “difference” in price does not include the sales tax, so don’t try to pull a fast one!

During this special PowerDeal Sale, customers can also purchase a Renogy Rugged Power Pack, a compact portable solar generator. The Power Pack includes a 400WH Lithium Iron battery bank, perfect for a day away from the grid. Also included is a built-in 300W inverter, which allows you to run your favorite everyday electronics through 4 different power ports. The Rugged Power Pack isn’t only great for powering small electronics; it can also function as a jump starter port for a 12V 4L gas car. It can easily be recharged via wall outlet (AC), car charger (DC), or solar panels, meaning that you’ll never be left in the dark. During this sale, the Rugged Power Pack will be on sale for $356.99, though its regular retail price is $419.99 (price after receiving Amazon rebate gift card). Only 50 of these are in stock, so if you’d like to take advantage of this deal, you need to act fast! View the product here: