Coming Tomorrow: Cyber Monday

More likely than not, you’ll be back in the office tomorrow to start a new week. If you’re especially lucky, you’ll even get to eat some Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch. We’re with you on this: going back to work after a long holiday weekend is really tough. Cleaning up after your folks leave can be even tougher. However, there is a silver lining to all of this post-holiday craziness/lackluster Monday: tomorrow, November 27th is Cyber Monday. If you’re new to these shopping terms, Cyber Monday is a “super sale” kind of day for online shopping. It’s the equivalent of Black Friday, but for those shoppers that prefer to shop from the comfort of their bed or couch. Below are some of the great deals that Renogy will offer on Cyber Monday only, exclusively at

20% off Premium Kits

Premium Kits are just what their name implies: top of the line solar equipment that creates a stellar power system. Choose the amount of panels, the type (mono or Eclipse-Mono cells), a Commander MPPT Charge Controller, wiring, and a Tracer Meter. The top-of-the-line charge controller utilizes superior power point tracking technology to ensure that your system runs as efficiently as possible. By doing so, it also extends the life of the battery bank. The included MT-50 Tracer Meter allows you to monitor system performance with ease. Purchase a Premium Kit and enjoy a superb power system by Renogy.

E.TUNES Solar Powered (Waterproof) BlueTooth Speaker: $79.99

Listening to clear, vibrant sound while outside or on the go has never been more convenient with an E.TUNES Speaker. Normally retailing for $134.99, this little speaker features dynamic frequency ranging from 80HZ - 18kHZ. You don’t need to plug this speaker in the wall to recharge because it has a built-in solar panel and battery (though you can recharge in an outlet if preferred). Additionally, the E.TUNES can double as a portable battery pack (5000mAH) and recharge a small electronic device such as a cell phone. Who couldn’t use a back-up battery pack? On a full charge, the speaker can play for up to 10 full hours. Did we mention that it’s also waterproof? Buy one of these to put under your tree!

$200 off a Phoenix Generator

Take power with you anytime, anywhere. This little generator has its own set of two 10W solar panels as well as a built-in battery bank and charge controller. The side of the Generator box includes various AC and DC outlets for convenience. Expand this little system to 120W by adding another 100W Solar Panel. By adding the additional 100W Solar Panel, you can reduce the total charging time to as little as 2.5 hours. Are you out in the dark? Never fear, as the Phoenix comes with a 3W LED light attachment. Charge an IPhone 6S in as little as 2 hours or an IPAD Air 2 in as little as 4 hours. Great for any adventurer on your gift list, the Phoenix Generator has a regular retail price of $599.99 at Don’t miss out on this amazing sale.