Calling all Electronics Junkies: Renogy will be at CES January 9th-12th

Las Vegas happens to be a great winter retreat, especially if you’re living in a sub-zero temperature region. For the past 50 years, electronics enthusiasts across the world have been gathering at the annual Consumer Electronics Show to take a peek at all the newest and best technology in the industry. Last year, over 147,000 attendees made their way to the CES to view over 4,000 exhibiting companies and listen to over 1,200 industry expert speakers. This year’s show is expected to be even bigger and better than 2017! Outlined below are some of the topics and companies that will be present at this year’s CES, which will take place from January 9th-12th in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada.

Advertising, entertainment, and content:

If you’re a marketing or advertisement specialist, then CES has something for you. Known as the C Space, visitors can learn about new marketing trends and the influence of technology on advertising. This includes TV advertising in the digital age. Since modern advertising depends heavily on search engines, keywords, social media, and software developments, C Space can be informative to just about any manufacturer or retailer, regardless of ndustry. Spotify, Hulu, and Google will be in C Space, to name a few. No big deal.


So you’ve probably heard about the development of self-driving cars. Now you can learn about how its done! View and learn about the latest in vehicle safety features, self-driving technology, and connected cars. Learn how autonomous vehicles are expected to operate in big cities and get some insight into when self-driving cars will become the norm. Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Daimler AG, and Baidu Online Network Technology will all be present.

Product Design and Manufacturing

If you’re a manufacturer or work for a company that produces new products, these may be the exhibits for you. Learn about the newest 3D printing technology, packaging, and so much more. These exhibits are known as “Source and Design,” and are comprised of companies across the world that specialize in product design and sourcing. Over 700 exhibitors will be present in the “Source and Design” portion of the CES, including, Car-Show Automotive Products, and Hyundai Medical Co. Ltd.

Robotics and Machine Technology

Artificial intelligence has been in the news a lot lately, especially when it comes to new software and ordering. Some say that many American jobs are in jeopardy due to new advances in technology. Artificial intelligence is changing the business landscape, from voice automation to predictive technology and analytics. These days, its common for businesses and even households to utilize at least one form of artificial intelligence (Siri, anyone?).Visit these exhibits to learn about everything from self-driving vehicles to virtual assistants. AI exhibitors include Yamaha Motor Company and Horizons Robotic Co.

This year there will be about 11 solar exhibitors present at the CES. Renogy will be there to showcase their products and answer questions. We hope to see you there!