Sizing for Lycan 5000 Power Box


Sizing for Lycan 5000 Power Box

By Renogy User Experience Team Apr 20th 2023

Solar Panels for Lycan 5000

When connecting solar panels to your Lycan 5000, please keep in mind that the solar input open-circuit voltage supported by the Lycan works best at 60V-145V (with a voltage limit of up to 150V). The short-circuit current of each input should not exceed 21A, and the total power should not exceed 4400W. If your solar array requires use of both solar inputs, ensure that the voltage of the two solar inputs is the same.

We recommend using Renogy 320W solar panels; you can connect up to 12 of the 320W solar panels to the Lycan 5000. Refer to the connection diagram shown below. 

Required accessories and cables:

Lycan 5000 Capacity Expansion

The Lycan 5000 has two internal Renogy LiFePO4 48V 50AH batteries. Only Renogy LiFePO4 48V 50AH batteries can be used when expanding the capacity of the Lycan 5000. Up to 6 additional batteries can be added on. The connection for the expanded setup is shown below.


Required accessories and cables:

  1. Connect the (gray) Anderson 120 connector to a 4AWG-3/8''-ring terminal adapter cable. This cable is available for purchase and can be customized at Custom DC Power Cables | Powerwerx website. Customization details can be found in the chart below. lycan-5000-1.png
  2. Battery cables with 3/8'' ring terminals 4AWG. These cables can also be customized on the website Custom DC Power Cables | Powerwerx.
  3. CAT5 Ethernet cable, this cable can be purchased on Amazon.
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