How to size a solar power system?
Renogy provides the following ways to help you quickly size a power system:
How can I size the fuse in between a charge controller and the batteries?
Considering safety issues, Renogy strongly recommends you to add a proper fuse between the charger controller and the battery(ies). Fuse Recommended ≥ Charge Controller Rated Amps × 1.25 (Safety Factor)
What are recommended fuses for a Renogy solar system?
You can use an inline fuse in between the solar panels and the charge controller, and an ANL fuse in between the battery to the charge controller, and battery to inverter.
How many solar panels do I need?
This can be considered in 2 aspects:
  1. Maximum PV input allowed by the controller
  2. Power requirement to maintain the battery power

It is wise to size your battery bank first based on the minimum required capacity, and accordingly decide how many panels or how much power input is needed.
Note: When adding more solar panels, you need to choose solar panels of the same brand and same specification, otherwise there is a risk of efficiency degradation.
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