Vera Struck



Silver Bullet Tiny House Designer - Builder - Dweller
Sustainable Lifestyle Educator - Reclamation Artist



My first reclamation project was the 249 A Street Artists Cooperative back in 1983, thirty-five of us artists won a presidential award for that building which is the cornerstone of the Boston innovation district. As a former CPA and an artist, adjunct professor and environmental advocate, I bring that wealth of experience to doing what I love most. I inspire individuals and families to live a healthier, sustainable lifestyle through the sustainable education non-profit I founded,



As a reclamation artist and educator I travel cross-country to give sustainable lifestyle workshops, presentations, find artistic inspiration, and speak about the tiny house movement.

This often takes me to urban or rural environments in freezing or warm weather, and so I built 4 portable solar panel holders for my Renogy 1000 Watt Solar System. I can set an array up quickly, keep them clean and maintain them easily. These robust panels have survived 7,500 miles of touring and provide me all the energy I need!


What Renogy Products you use?

My Renogy 1000 Watt Solar System is installed inside my insulated and vented storage cabinet that sits over my extended trailer yoke. (4-250W solar panels, Midnite Classic 200 Charge Controller, Midnite Combiner Box, Midnite Circuit Breaker, 2000W Inverter, and assorted cables, quad enclosure, etc.)


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