Around Africa

renogys blog Sep 30th 2016

by Dan Grec

After years of planning, dreaming, and saving money, I have built my Jeep Wrangler into a house on wheels and have set out to circumnavigate the entire African continent.

I will explore roughly thirty African countries and cover 80,000 miles (plus or minus.)Starting in Morocco in the North West I will drive South, hugging the coast all the way to the Southern tip of the continent in South Africa. After a re-group and re-supply, I will drive North on the East Coast all the way North to Egypt. I expect the expedition to span approximately two years.


I have built my Jeep into a fully camper-ised, self-contained house on wheels. It has rear storage, a fridge, stove, and interior sleeping and living space. Renogy Solar panels on the pop-up roof, and on-board running water, will allow me to spends weeks at a time away from civilization.

I plan to learn as much French as possible so I can meet and learn from as many new people as possible. I want to learn about new ways of life and explore some of the most remote places on the planet. I am documenting my expedition in photos and video so others can learn from my experiences.

I’m filming a YouTube series as I make my way around Africa:\

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-Dan Grec