REGO Battery: Next Generation LiFePo4 Battery

REGO Battery: Next Generation LiFePo4 Battery

By Shari and Hutch
Shari and Hutch
renogys blog Sep 13th 2023

If you are thinking about expanding your deep cycle RV battery bank, there are many options and directions you can choose.  One of the most energy dense, compact, and space efficient options is Renogy’s largest single battery, the REGO 400ah lithium iron phosphate battery With 5000Wh (4000Wh with an 80% Depth of Discharge) of energy, it is powerful enough to run nearly all of your DC & AC appliances… even a small air conditioner!  You can integrate this powerful battery into your existing system or as a part of a whole REGO system installation.  Keep in mind, it’s not just for RV’s…it’s perfect for boats and off-grid cabins as well!              

What is REGO?  

REnogy on the GO (or REGO) is a complete system with all the components you’ll need to build out and/or integrate a solar powered system into your RV, boat, cabin, van, motorhome, travel trailer, or 5th wheel.  It comes with 5 major components, all wiring between components, all fuses, as well as a Renogy ONE – a comprehensive energy monitoring and smart home automation system.  The only component missing from this kit is the solar panels that work best for your situation, vehicle, and usage.  Check out stories from some of our favorite fellow solar road warriors for more inspiration about breaking free from traditional, on-grid campsites!

REGO drastically reduces your installation time, and giving you 3 seamless ways to charge your battery – with up to 800W of Solar Panels (when the sun is shining), a 60A DC to DC Charger (while driving), and/or a 3000W Inverter Charger (when plugged into shore power). REGO’s 4 Port 400A System Combiner Box greatly simplifies the integration of multiple charging methods by serving as a “hub” to combine them into one system – with easy click-to-connect Anderson connectors.  It is designed for the newbie solar DIYer…and it’s brilliant!

Read more about the REGO system and watch our complete video installation series .

What Do We Mean by Energy Density?  

The REGO 400Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is equivalent to 4 x 12V-100Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries OR 8 x 12V-100Ah AGM / Gel batteries, but with a much smaller footprint.  The REGO LFP battery weighs 112 pounds at 1.4 cubic feet.  For comparison, 8 x 100Ah AGM/Gel batteries weigh in at 512 pounds and take up 3.5 cubic feet, and 4 x 100Ah LFP batteries weigh in at 104 pounds and take up 1.3 cubic feet, and this does not include the space, cost, and weight necessary for the cabling to connect all batteries together.


If you care to expand this system beyond 400Ah, you may connect up to 8 REGO batteries in parallel using up to three 400A 3-Port Battery Combiner Box(es), increasing your 12V capacity to 3200Ah or 38.4kWh (2600Ah or 30.7kWh at 80% DoD).  Note: This is simply the nominal voltage of an LiFePo4 battery, the operating voltage of LFP batteries is higher (12.5V), giving you additional capacity up to 40kWh or 32kWh at 80% DoD.  

How REGO Differs from Other LFP Batteries    

The REGO battery doesn’t just have a larger capacity, it’s actually designed differently.  Some key highlights include:

●      One internal battery management system overseeing all the functions of the battery, other LFP battery banks would need to have communication cables to connect all BMS’s together.  

●      Rather than external power terminals, the REGO battery has a built-in 4/0 AWG connection cable with Anderson connector (1 foot optional extension cable available) -- designed to plug directly into the REGO System Combiner Box, or Battery Combiner Box.  

●      Easily combines with other REGO batteries for increased capacity through Anderson connectors.  

●      LED displays on the top of the battery provide charge status, power status, heater status and error codes.  

●      Internal Bluetooth makes wireless connection to Smart Monitors like the Renogy ONE M1 or Renogy ONE Core very easy, with no additional equipment.  

●      Smart functionality allows you to see what is going on with your battery, either in person or remotely, through either of the Renogy ONE monitors.  

●      The convenient on/off button makes shutting your battery down for storage easy, or while working on any component of your solar powered system.  


REGO Battery Installation Tips    

When installing this REGO 12V Lithium battery in a compartment in your RV, boat, or off-grid cabin, consider the following:

1. At 112 lbs (51kg), this battery is heavy and difficult to maneuver, but once in place you don’t need to worry about it moving around much.  

2. The massive 4/0 AWG connection cables (1 foot, 30.5 cm, in length) are very stiff, so give yourself plenty of space to bend the cables and consider carefully the location of the combiner box(es).  

3. The LED indicator lights are only easily viewed from the top. If you’re installing it in a tight space, be sure to include one of the Smart Monitors in your setup.  

When we installed this Lithium battery in our friend’s 16’ Forest River Wolf Pup travel trailer, we considered a lot of different locations.  We settled on the area under the kitchen since there was a dormitory fridge, with an external access door that they never used.  By removing the fridge and the first shelf, we were able to install all the REGO components into this space, including the REGO Battery. 

Setting Up Multiple REGO Batteries in Parallel     

Parallel connections for increased capacity with the REGO battery are super easy.  Increase your REGO battery capacity to 40kWh by combining up to 8 REGO batteries in parallel.  The 400A 3-Port Battery Combiner Box(es) can accept up to 3 batteries and connect to another combiner box directly.  Simply insert the included Anderson connector to the combiner box Anderson port.  These connectors prevent reversed polarity connections because they will only go together in one way, positive to positive and negative to negative.    


The REGO deep cycle 12V RV battery is a game changer for folks who want to install a large capacity battery without all the hassle of sizing connection wires and fuses.  With the appropriately-sized combiner box making all the connections work between your solar components, Renogy puts confidence into your installation, so that you know you’re doing it right the first time!  


Shari Galiardi & David Hutchison have turned their higher education backgrounds, desire for life-long learning, and thirst for adventure travel into writing, photography, video production, and public speaking tours from coast to coast.  Known to their friends as simply Shari & Hutch, you can learn more about their full-time, solar-powered adventures on their website at  Or, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube as “Freedom in a Can, LLC.”