Why Choose a Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery?

Why Choose a Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery?

By Renogy Marketing
Renogy Marketing
renogys blog Nov 5th 2017

Batteries are essential to off-grid solar power systems. The batteries store the electricity generated by the solar panels for future or present use (with an inverter), depending on customer needs. Renogy carries three kinds of deep-cycle batteries: Absorbent Gel Matt (AGM), Gel, and Lithium Iron Phosphate. Each type of battery has its own unique characteristics and price points, making them appealing to a wide range of consumers. Below we’ll walk you through some important points about each battery:


AGM batteries are capable of delivering high currents on demand and have a relatively long lifespan. This type of lead acid battery is suitable for a wide range of uses, including solar and wind. The battery may also be used to charge medical equipment. No need to worry about placing this kind of battery in various positions, as it is valve regulated. Within this type of battery is an ultra thin fiberglass that absorbs the sulfuric acid, which makes it spill-proof. Like the other batteries offered, this kind performs well in cold conditions (average winter weather, not serious below 0 temps). AGM batteries are great for budget conscious customers, as they retail for less than Gel and Lithium Iron Phosphate.


Gel batteries are also lead acid and valve regulated. They have a long lifespan and are virtually maintenance free. These batteries hold more acid than many of their counterparts due to their design, which reduces heat transfer. These batteries have a 12 year floating design life and may be used as a standby or for frequent cyclic discharge applications. Gel batteries have excellent performance throughout their lifespan, dropping only near the end of life. These batteries are suitable for solar, RV, and marine uses, and may also be preferable for budget conscious shoppers. They retail for a little more than AGM batteries.

Lithium Iron Phosphate:

This kind of battery is top of the line when it comes to solar storage applications. This is a rechargeable lithium iron battery that offers a longer lifespan, better thermal stability, and greater safety features than the other batteries available at Renogy.com. It is perfect for many deep-cycle applications including solar, wind, marine, RV, telecommunication systems, medical equipment, and much more. It is lighter (25lbs), more compact, and powerful than its other 100Ah counterparts. This battery also retains higher voltage than its 100Ah counterparts. Budget-conscious shoppers be weary: this is the most expensive type of battery we have. You can check out the 12 volt lithium battery for details.