Vanlife: Here's Your Ideal Solar Panel Setup

Vanlife: Here's Your Ideal Solar Panel Setup

By Renogy Marketing Team
Renogy Marketing Team
renogys blog May 22nd 2018

Vanlife is now a way of life with millennials and boomers alike. More and more people are in search of a minimal lifestyle where the focus is on experiences and not possessions.

Many vanlifers have forged a path built on exploration and life off-the-grid to gather inspiration from. Something that pops up often as an integral part of these van builds is solar power. Thanks to the solar panels mounted on their vans' roofs, vanlifers are able to adventure freely with a renewable energy source to power their gadgets while on the road.

But with different sizes and styles, it can be difficult to choose which panels will work best. First, determine your potential solar system's size by calculating your power consumption. After you size out your system, you can decide on what panel type best fits your needs. There are standard rigid panels, lightweight flexible panels, and even portable panels you can store away when not in use.

A vanlife couple, who aptly calls themselves Exploring Alternatives, focuses on minimalism and alternative living for long stints on the open road. They own a camper van that they often take on extended road trips. In this video, they talk about their Renogy flexible solar panel setup. Check it out!