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What is Power by Renogy®?
Power By Renogy® is a program that empowers manufacturers with quality products to expand your global reach and sell your goods worldwide. Renogy provides support and resources to enhance your market presence and maximize your product potential.
Traffic Boosting and Brand Exposure
R-Star Certification
Warehousing and Fulfillment Services
Renogy EIoT Integration
Operational and Data Support
Amplify Your Sales Potential
Harness the power of Renogy's industry reputation, strong brand presence, and a massive user base with over 8 million annual visits to Renogy.com. Benefit from our established credibility and reach a broader audience to effortlessly promote and sell your product or brand.
Pioneer of consumer-grade solar energy products and solutions in North America
Since 2010
13 years of experience in solar energy industry
Registered users
Global Warehouse Center
Smart IoT devices
Annual average visits
Sway Ahead in the Market
Renogy offers quality certification services for premium products. We rigorously screen and select high-quality products, and those that meet our strict criteria will receive the R-Star certification and authorized for use.
S uperior Quality
T rustworthy Sustainability
A ssurance of Compliance
R eliable Local Service
Warehousing and Dropshipping Services
Renogy has a complete warehousing and logistics delivery system in the United States, allowing you to efficiently stock and deliver your products to optimize shipping, reduce inventory costs, and test different goods to identify top sellers.
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Smarten Up Your Offerings
Connect your products to Renogy's EIoT ecosystem, linking them with over 140,000 smart energy devices to provide a seamless, immersive user experience, making your products smarter and more valuable to customers.
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Smart Life
Your device can be accessed in any of the following ways
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Powering Life, Power by Renogy®
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Solar outdoor mosquito killer
Flexible Solar Canopy
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Connect your device to our ecosystem
User Reputation
Precise Traffic
Strong R&D Capabilities
Skilled in Operations
Global Delivery Capabilities
User Reputation
700,000+ registered users, outdoor veteran players, new understanding and demand for outdoor life, providing manufacturers with an accurate audience
Precise Traffic
With over 10 years of experience in outdoor scenarios, we are not only a traffic platform, but also a solution provider.
Strong R&D Capabilities
We provide end-to-end development for product, cloud, and control systems, with rapid API integration into EIOT platforms for intelligent scene automation.
Skilled in Operations
Powered by the Renogy data center and online operational capabilities, we offer real-time and accurate feedback to manufacturers, utilizing data to achieve precise operations and targeted optimization.
Global Delivery Capabilities
With experience in fulfilling contracts in over 20 countries and regions worldwide, we help manufacturers connect with end-users and expand their sales channels, achieving rapid product globalization.
R Lab
R Lab
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CIGS New Product Crowdfunding
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Success Stories
To Access Living Freedom with Renogy Power Solutions!
Renogy and innovative tiny house brand PODX GO share a belief in the power to build a sustainable future through creative housing and energy solutions. The PODX GO tiny houses now come equipped with Renogy lightweight solar panels and Lycan 5000 Power Box, providing families with the ability to save on electrical bills and have a reliable backup power solution during power outages.
Tiny Home Energy Solutions
RV Industry’s First Flexible Solar Canopy
Renogy built an exclusive partnership with Lippert to provide customers with unmatched innovation in awning-integrated photovoltaic technology (AIPV). The Solera® OG is an off-grid awning constructed using the first-ever flexible solar awning fabric. Lippert Components, Inc. (Lippert™), is a supplier of a broad array of highly engineered components for the leading original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”) in the recreation and transportation product markets and the related aftermarkets of those industries.
Eco-chain companies
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