​Give the Gift of Green with Renogy’s Best Solar Deals of the Year!

​Give the Gift of Green with Renogy’s Best Solar Deals of the Year!

By Shari Galiardi and David Hutchison
Shari Galiardi and David Hutchison
renogys blog Nov 20th 2022

What are your Green Goals for 2023? Whether they involve reducing your home energy bills, living lighter on the planet, or finding your off-grid happy place, digging into your solar DIY project this winter is a sure way to brighten your outlook for 2023!

For over a decade, we’ve been living and traveling with solar in our little vintage camper named Hamlet. We’ve been lucky enough to explore all 50 states, 10 Canadian provinces, and have visited nearly every U.S. national park and more public lands than we can count…all powered nearly 100% by solar! We kicked off 2022 with some van camping in Hawaii, spent the summer/early fall in Alaska and northwestern Canada, and are now helping some friends in Oregon build out a new REGO solar powered system on their travel trailer. Whatever environment brings YOU joy, Renogy solar components will power your way forward!

Alaska, Here Comes Hamlet!

Have we inspired YOU to get your solar DIY groove on? Your timing is right! Prices on some customer favorites will soon be dropping like autumn leaves on a chilly November day – EVERYTHING from solar panels and batteries to inverters and solar generators. In this blog, you’ll find details about many of the Renogy components that will be on sale during the 2022 holiday season! And, don’t forget that solar installations completed in 2023 are eligible for significant tax write-offs, making solar more affordable than ever before.

Solarize Your Life: Panels for your Home, RV, & More!

As we’ve traveled around the continent over the past decade, we’ve met thousands of people who’ve gone solar on both their homes and RV’s. If you are ready to join the green crowd in your neighborhood, Renogy has some great deals on both 100W solar panels for the roof of your RV and 320W solar panels for the roof of your home. These high quality rigid panels are perfect for building out any 12V, 24V, or 48V system.

Premium Solar Kit

A Premium Solar Kit makes it easy to get started and both the 400W Premium Kit (featuring 4 x 100W panels) and 800W Premium Kit (featuring 8 x 100W panels) are on sale this holiday season! While these kits include several panels, an appropriately sized charge controller, wiring, fuses, connectors, mounting brackets, and a Bluetooth module, it’s important to note that deep cycle batteries and inverters are sold separately. But, you’re in luck because these components are also on sale…keep reading!

If you are interested in an even easier “plug and play option” for your next car camping or RV road trip, check out Renogy’s 100W Solar Suitcase. We’ve used our 100W solar suitcase on a 20ft/10AWG extension cord for many years as a way to stay charged up while our camper is parked in the shade, or for more solar surface area on cloudy days.

Solar Suitcase

Don’t know where to begin? Our Solar 101 video and Solar Sizing Worksheet will help you calculate your energy demands and size your system correctly. For additional inspiration, check out the stories which some of our favorite families and fellow road warriors shared with us recently!

Time to Upgrade Your Deep Cycle Battery?

Still plugging along with that old, flooded lead acid battery that came with your RV or van? By switching to an AGM (absorbent glass mat) or upgrading to a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery, you’ll be amazed at the difference in performance!

AGM batteries provide some great benefits over flooded lead acid, including the ability to store it inside your van or RV in various orientations, more life cycles, and a greater range of operating temperatures. Renogy’s 100Ah and 200Ah AGM batteries are both on sale this holiday season, and are perfect for weekend warriors or those folks who take short road trips and want to boondock for a night or two in their small RV’s or van.

If you plan to do longer roadtrips, want to live seasonally / full-time in your rig, or have a larger, more power hungry lifestyle, LFP batteries are definitely the way to go! With LFP, you’ll enjoy the benefits of Smart technology, significantly more life cycles, and an 80% depth of discharge (compared to only 50% for other battery chemistries), and more.

We’ve had the basic 100Ah Smart LFP battery for a couple of years now, and have remained impressed with its performance. Additionally, Renogy’s 100Ah Self-Heating LFP battery offers year-round greater temperature protection and their 100Ah or 200Ah Built-in Bluetooth models are perfect for remotely monitoring your battery charge status via Renogy’s DC Home app, eliminating the need for a separate BT module and/or battery monitor.

Seeking a comprehensive side-by-side comparison of many of Renogy’s battery styles, options, and sizes? Check out our recent blog for details! **Spoiler Alert: LFP is cheaper over the long haul!**

LFP Batteries

Just a Little Solar Curious? Try a Solar Generator!

If you are just getting into solar, a portable solar powered generator is a great entry. The Renogy’s Phoenix solar generators combine 3 of the 4 components of a larger solar powered system and can be charged in a variety of ways – standard household plug, car utility port, or solar panels. Unlike gas powered generators, they give off zero fumes, no noise pollution, are perfect for inside or outside use, and ideal for powering your next camping trip, tailgate party, mobile home office, or during that unexpected power outage.

We’ve used our Phoenix 300 for many years as a portable power station to keep our laptops, phone, and other small mobile electronics charged up while we are off-grid and away from our camper or as a back-up to our house system. Check out our recent video for more info!

Good news…the entire Renogy’s Phoenix line is on sale this holiday season! In addition to the 300 model, they offer the smaller 200 model for even more portability as well as a much larger 1000 model for more power hungry appliances such as a coffee maker, instant pot, toaster oven, CPAP, crockpot, small electric heater, sound system, desktop computer, and more – making it perfect for unexpected power outages in your home or RV…or even tailgating!

If you are seeking a powerful home generator that will keep many of your appliances running during a power outage and/or you are planning to build an off-grid home, give Renogy’s LYCAN 5000 a look. This unit will provide power during your build AND power your home once it’s complete. We had a chance to test out this powerful, yet portable, unit last winter and were thoroughly impressed with its quality, design, and performance. Check out our video review for details!

Don’t know which solar generator is best for you? Check out our recent blog which provides more information about the pros and cons.

Solar Generators

More Key Components To Round Out Your System!

To create a complete solar powered system, you can’t forget the charge controller or inverter. Some of Renogy’s best sellers are on sale!

The Rover 60A 12-48V MPPT Charge Controller is perfect to monitor a mid-sized 12V-48V system with any type of deep cycle battery. With a 60A maximum input, this charger can handle between 800W and 3200W of input (depending upon the system’s voltage) from your solar panels. The MPPT technology transfers the excess voltage from the panels to boost the charging amps going to your battery, reducing charging time significantly.

If you have a mid-to-large sized rig or cabin and need to convert DC power to AC to run multiple 120V electric appliances at the same time (e.g., coffee maker, fridge, TV, lights, water heater, blow dryer, instant pot, laptops, and more), check out the deal on Renogy’s 3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter.

To learn more about how charge controllers and inverters work and/or size one to fit your personal energy needs, check out our Solar 101 video.

Inverter and Charge Controller

If you are brand new to solar and looking for some help with unscrambling the terminology of it all, we have some easy to understand resources to help you get started -- from how-to videos and blogs to one-on-one DIY coaching for beginners. As educators, we love to empower people to overcome the challenges of a DIY project! We’ve helped thousands of people across the country design and install their own solar powered system...and there’s nothing like a challenging project to keep your spirits high when the outside temps are dropping below freezing.

Shari & Hutch

In 2012, Shari Galiardi & David Hutchison left behind careers and a comfortable home in North Carolina to travel with the vintage camper trailer they lovingly restored, outfitted with solar, and named "Hamlet." What began as a short break from careers and responsibility quickly turned into a love affair with roadlife. They have parlayed their higher education backgrounds, desire for life-long learning, and thirst for adventure travel into writing, photography, video production, and public speaking gigs from coast to coast. Known to their friends as simply Shari & Hutch, you can learn more about their full-time, solar-powered adventures on their website at freedominacan.com. Or, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube as “Freedom in a Can, LLC.”