• What’s the difference between cables and wires?

    Many people confuse wires and cables, but they are actually very different. Wires are single conductors, whereas solar cables are made up of a grouping of two or more conductors inside an insulated jacket. In short, wires are a component inside cables.

  • What are cables used for in solar systems?

    There are a variety of different cables found in a solar installation. Module cables are integrated into the solar panels themselves and equipped with connectors. Inverter cables are designed to be used between a power inverter and battery bank. Renogy THHN Tray Cables are made for connecting your charge controller to your battery.

  • What size cable do I need?

    To know what size cable to use with your system, we recommend using the Renogy Solar Cable Calculator. You’ll need to know the optimum operating voltage and optimum operating current of your solar array, as well as wire length from solar array to your charge controller. Again installing too large of wire gauge doesn’t hurt your system, but it won’t be operating as efficiently as it could. However, if the calculator is in between two sizes, going with the larger size is the smart choice.