Subscription Plan: Smart Basic+
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【All-in-One Smart Panel】 Renogy ONE M1 is the nerve center of your off-grid home or RV. The 4-inch touch screen display provides smart energy monitoring and control of all your connected devices and appliances with intuitive visuals and real-time data.
【24/7 Energy Monitoring】 No longer do you need to track the performance data of your LiFePO4 batteries, charge controllers, and inverters, smart battery charger on multiple battery monitors or monitoring screens. Now, Renogy ONE M1 delivers all the performance data from connected devices directly to your smart panel through Bluetooth, RS485 or RV-C communication cables. DC Home app gives you all these capabilities wherever you go right on your smartphone.
【Monitoring Anywhere, Anytime】 Wi-Fi connectivity uploads energy data while you’re off the grid so you can monitor your system in real time for better energy management, wherever you are, with the DC Home app.
【Connected Living】 Directly connect a maximum of 3 DC appliances to the panel relays of Renogy ONE M1. This power monitor gives you the flexibility to switch on/off connected appliances in multiple ways including physical switches or the DC Home app.
【Off-Grid Virtual Assistant】 Check on the DC Home app when you’re on the road to get the information you need, like solar yield forecast, weather forecast, nearby campsites and more!

Introducing Renogy ONE Smart Basic+, an efficient solution for energy monitoring & smart home connectivity that improves comfort when you live in your off-grid home or camper van. Included are Renogy ONE M1, a 1-year Smart Basic Subscription, Welcome Kit, and special discounts to maximize your off-grid living experience.

Renogy ONE M1 is the heart of your off-grid system with a sleek, flush-mount touchscreen that looks great anywhere. A 4'' HD display lets you monitor every Renogy device in your home from one screen. And with the DC Home app you'll have the same system monitoring and energy management wherever you go on your smartphone.

Live off-grid without compromising comfort with Renogy ONE M1. This power monitor gives you control of up to 3 DC appliances at a time through wired connections with panel relays. For instance, you can create an “Evening” mode that automatically turns on lights or a “Sleep” mode that dims the lights and shuts down the connected appliances.

Renogy ONE M1 delivers peace of mind with enhanced security features for your off-grid home or RV. This home energy monitor is compatible with our Door and Window Sensors, Motion Sensors and sends instant alerts right to your DC Home app if there’s a security breach.

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*Smart accessories are required for certain features.

Quick View Energy Dashboard

Get rid of cumbersome cables and multiple battery monitors with the flush-mount Renogy ONE M1. Its 4'' HD touchscreen lets you monitor and control compatible Renogy devices in your home from one screen.

Control All Your Connected Devices

Panel relays of Renogy ONE M1 allow you to switch on/off up to 3 DC appliances at a time through the panel switches or the DC Home app. You can even use this home energy monitor set up different smart scenes to control devices together depending on how you live for efficient control. For instance, you can create an “Evening” mode that automatically turns on lights, or a “Sleep” mode that turns off home appliances for you.

Remote Energy Monitoring

Wi-Fi connectivity uploads energy data while you’re off the grid so that you can monitor your system in real time, wherever you are, with the DC Home app. You can monitor the status of batteries, charge controllers, smart battery chargers, and other connected energy devices.

Smart Plug (Recommended)

Upgrade to a Smart Plug to take control of home appliances with Renogy ONE M1. With this smart outlet, you can control any device that’s plugged into it.

*You can shop Smart Energy+/Smart Life+ for the Smart Plug instantly.

Motion Sensor (Recommended)

Feel more secure off the grid with a Motion Sensor in a range of 19.69 feet and a 110 degrees field of view. When the motion detectors are triggered, a security siren in the Renogy ONE M1 will go off to warn any intruders. You'll get notified of any unexpected movement through the DC home app.

*You can shop Smart Life+ for the Motion Sensor instantly.

Door & Window Sensor (Recommended)

Door & Window Sensor helps you keep tabs on every entry 24/7 even when you’re away from home. Pair Renogy ONE M1 with Motion Sensors and lights to create a security solution. When any security device is triggered, this power monitor can sound a built-in siren and alert you to an ongoing intrusion via notifications on your smartphone.

*You can shop Smart Life+ for the Door & Window Sensor instantly.


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Package Includes

  • Smart Basic Plan for 1 year
  • Renogy ONE x 1
  • A Special Welcome Kit worth $19.99 x 1
Model RMS-LP4-G2 Power Supply

Rated Power 3.5W

● Power Port: 8V DC-16V DC

● Type-C Port: 5V DC

Load ≤30V DC, 5A Max Connection

Zigbee (IEEE 802.15.4)

Wireless Communication

● Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz)

● Bluetooth 2.1/4.2 and Bluetooth LE

● Zigbee (IEEE 802.15.4)


● USB Type-C (5V DC)

● RJ45 (CAN & RS485)

● 2-pin 2.54 mm pluggable terminal block (12V DC)

Power Consumption < 2.5W (standby)  Protocols RV-C/Modbus/Zigbee 3.0
Touch Screen

4 inches (480 x 480p)
White backlight with adjustable brightness

Color Black
Installation Flush mounting Dimension 181.8 x 86.8 x 42.2 mm (7.16 x 3.42 x 1.66 in)
Casing Material PC+ABS V0 Weight 286 g/0.83 lbs
Operating Temperature -20℃ to 50℃ (-4℉ to 122℉) Applicable Place Indoor
Operating Humidity 0% to 95% RH    
Operating Altitude Less than 2000 m above sea level Certifications
    2-year Prorated Warranty
1. Am I eligible for a subscription plan?
If you have any Renogy's energy device with Bluetooth but don't have a Renogy ONE M1 yet, we recommend that you join one of these subscription plans: Smart Basic+, Smart Energy+, or Smart Life+. A Renogy ONE M1 is included in the package. If you already have a Renogy ONE M1, you can join a subscription plan including Smart Basic, Smart Energy, and Smart Life.
2. I am having trouble subscribing for my power monitor. What do I do?
We are here to help! Please contact us via or through the Live Chat on the webpage or in the DC Home app.
3. I've paid for Smart Basic+ / Smart Energy+ / Smart Life+. How should I activate it?
When you receive your Renogy ONE M1, power it on first. Then connect this off-grid home energy monitor to the Internet, pair it with your DC Home app, then activate your subscription plan in the app (Me > Subscription > Activate).
4. I've joined Smart Basic+ / Smart Energy+ / Smart Life+. When it expires, do I need to re-subscribe to it?
Yes. To make sure there is no interruption in your service, you need to re-subscribe to Smart Basic, Smart Energy, or Smart Life in your DC Home app before the 1st year's subscription service ends.
5. Can I try the subscription service for free before I subscribe?
Yes. If you have already purchased a Renogy ONE M1 and paired it with your DC Home app, you get access to a 30-day free trial when you select a plan and choose Monthly Payment in the app.
6. Why do I need a payment method to start my free trial for Smart Basic / Smart Energy / Smart Life?
We ask for a payment method to prevent any interruption in service at the end of your free trial period.
7. Can I cancel the subscription service during the free trial period?
Once the free trial has started, you can stop the auto-renewal anytime within 30 days without incurring a charge. If you stop auto-renewal within the 30-day free trial period, the benefits continue until the 30-day trial is over. Before that, you can resume the auto-renewal at any time.
More questions about your off-grid power system? Learn more from Renogy Learning Center!
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