Picnic Utensil Set

Picnic Utensil Set
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Our stainless-steel cutlery set is easy to use, enjoyable to eat with, durable enough for any adventure, and dishwasher safe. When you pack it for your next picnic, lunch, or backcountry trek, you can rest easy knowing you’ll have everything you need wherever the road leads. Plus, our stainless-steel backpack cutlery set is designed to last.

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Key Features

  • This eating utensil set is light weight,fully portable, and foldable into a compact pocket size, so that you can bring it when you go camping,backpacking, hiking, fishing.
  • The utensil set is not only built for outdoors but also perfect for lunch at school or work. You’ll love using it for workweek lunchtime silverware because it’s easy to use, a cinch to clean, and dishwasher safe.
  • The utensil set is made with stainless steel and aluminum alloy, can easily stand years of use.


Features a fork, spoon, knife, bottle opener, can opener, and a flat screwdriver in one convenient, compact package. Say goodbye to wasteful plastic utensils that just end up in the trash.


Package Includes

Renogy Picnic Utensil Set

Renogy Picnic Utensil Set

1 x


Picnic Utensil Set 
Functions: Spoon
Bottle Opener Slotted Screwdriver
Steak Knife Fork
Can Opener  
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