LCD Remote for Inverter Charger

LCD Remote for Inverter Charger

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The Renogy LCD Remote is designed to be used exclusively with a 1000W, 2000W or 3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger. The LCD Remote allows for remote monitoring of the Inverter Charger's performance. With the ability to flush mount the LCD Remote in a convenient location, the PowerSaver switch on the Remote can be easily accessed without having to physically visit the Inverter Charger.

Please Note: The LCD Remote is ONLY compatible with the Renogy Inverter Charger SKU's: RNG-INVT-1000-12V-C-BC, RNG-INVT-2000-12V-C-BC, and RNG-INVT-3000-12V-C-BC. It is NOT compatible with the new Renogy Inverter Charger w/ LCD Display SKU's: R-INVT-PCL1-20111S-BC and R-INVT-PCL1-30111S-BC.

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Key Features

  • Displays AC input and AC output voltage
  • Displays output frequency
  • Displays battery voltage

Package Includes

Renogy LCD Remote for Inverter Charger

LCD Remote For Inverter Charger

1 x

Renogy Connection Cable

Connection Cable

1 x

Renogy LCD Remote for Inverter Charger 
Dimension: 7.85 x 3.75 x 1.25 in Weight: 1.1 lbs

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1-year material and workmanship warranty

Accessories 1-year material warranty


Please click the links below to download the manuals:
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