DC Lightbulb Holder with 5.5mm Male Input

DC Lightbulb Holder with 5.5mm Male Input

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The 5.5mm DC to Light Bulb Socket allows users to install a DC light bulb anywhere a standard 5.5mm 12V DC port is located. A great additional light source for an RV or boat, or to be paired with the Renogy Lycan Powerbox, Phoenix Generator, Rugged Power Pack.

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Key Features

  • On/Off Switch
  • 16.5 Feet Cable
  • Fits bulbs with standard E26 and E27 medium size bases

Package Includes 

5.5mm DC to Light Bulb Socket


1 x


5.5mm DC to Light Bulb Socket 
Input: 5.5mm DC 12V Output: Light Bulb Socket
Wire: AWM 2464 AWG: 20
Length: 16.5 Feet Temperature Rating: 80°C / 176°F
Voltage Rating: 300V Flaming Rating: VW-1 & FT1

Warranty Information

Accessories 1-year material warranty