All of the recent snowstorms in the Midwest and New England may have got you thinking about staying safe and warm during the long winter months. In many rural communities, people are not only responsible for keeping their families warm, but also their livestock and pets. Keeping the animals warm may not be a very easy nor cheap task, considering the costs of traditional energy. Solar power panels are a great option for powering heat lamps or small heaters in the winter. They generate electricity quietly and without any fumes or exhaust. Solar panels are also convenient in these situations because they can operate independently of the power grid, allowing for electricity generation even if a chicken coop or barn is far from any electrical hookups. Renogy panels ranging in size from 10W to 300W are perfect for an off-grid setup!

In the summer, solar panels can also be used to run fans, ventilation systems, and water pumps. A solar power system can also be combined with wind products for higher energy production. In the summer, daylight hours are longer and in some regions of the US, there are higher amounts of favorable, sunny weather. This creates a great backdrop for solar power production. Many Renogy customers prefer to purchase the line of Solar Panel Complete Kits to power water pumps. How will you use your Renogy panels this season?